Professor Weiss: Change the Date of Yom Ha’atzmaut

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professor-hillel-weissA letter has been sent by Professor Hillel Weiss of Bar Ilan University to the Chief Rabbis of Israel. Prof. Weiss is making an interesting, albeit radical suggestion, that the Rabbanut change the celebration of Yom Haatzmaut from 5 Iyar to Rosh Chodesh Iyar.

Professor Weiss bases his suggestion on the fact that Yom Haatzmaut is rarely actually celebrated on 5 Iyar, because of how often it falls out on Shabbos or Friday or Sunday (in which case it is pushed up to avoid issues of chillul Shabbos). And, Professor Weiss says, in the next 10 years, the celebrated day will not fall out on 5 Iyar even once.

The “benefit” of pushing it back to Rosh Chodesh, says the Professor, is that doing so would make many people who currently do not partake in Yom Haatzmaut festivities automatically “celebrate” Yom Haatzmaut. Chareidim and Dati Leumi who do not wish to partake in secular celebrations would now be saying Hallel on Yom Haatzmaut, albeit because of Rosh Chodesh.

Professor Weiss says that “doing so would allow those who want to praise God for the miracles, but don’t because of the secular aspect of the day, to now do so.”

{Life in Israel/Yair Israel}


  1. This idea might finally stop the saying of the bracha for Hallel in vain and secular Israelis will at least once a year say Hallel on Rosh Chodesh! What a great idea! And mitzvah goreret mitzvah, this might even start their putting on tefillin, keeping Shabbat and bringing about more baalei tshuvot.

  2. Chareidim will never partake in this festival. If they move it to Rosh Chodesh, we may even forsake saying Hallel in opposition to it.

  3. 100% no Hallel on Rosh Chodesh, if they move ??? ?????? to Rosh Chodesh.
    If they move it to Pesach, no Matzos, and if for some reason they move it to Yom Kippur, then we have a huge eat-fest that day.
    The only acceptable date is Tish Above, when you sit on the floor and the tish is above you, or X-mas.

  4. Why not push off Tisha B’av to Yom Kippor. That way more people will fast plus we would have one less day to fast. We could have a two for the price of one. Great idea.

    Or since many families get together on Pesach, why don’t we already make a sukah so we could eat matza in the sukkah while holding the arba minim and nibbling on cheesecake from shevous. [ In these financial times It would save substantial amounts of money, especially for those who have family travelling from abroad eg. Eretz Yisroel. Mommish gevaldig.

    and I’m the dummy and he is the Professor?

  5. yom ha-atzmaut ? never heard of such a yom tov !
    has it got to do anything with Torah and yiddishkeit ?
    o i forgot that`s the celebration about the foundation of a state that wants to put Torah on the level of nationality declaring that the galut has ended and that we don`t need no more Torah just a goyishe country of israel. like they say in the ha-tikwah : to be an am hofshi a free people with which they mean free of Torah.

  6. I would say a lumdis; just like the chazoin ish had paskened for someone making a bris on yom haatzomot to say tachnun, kol shekein ben bno shel kol shekein, where a michshol might come out, and someone might think that we say halel on yom haatsamut, we should therefore refrain from saying halal on rosh chodesh iyar if this new haluchu is implemented, and anybody who thinks that balei tshuvu will come from this through making chilonim say halel on rosh chodesh well my friend your dreaming, because no chilonim say halel on this day, because they just about celebrate it, now do bare in mind that after the israeli independence day the koisil was off limits for 19 years, and you ask anybody living in eretz yisroel at the time, life was very painfull terror big time, so no picnic prevailed as a result of this medina and we are still paying for it internationally, we might have had an easier time laying claim to our holy sites if not for the medina, with no arabs thinking we are just coming to rule them, but let noone fool you its too late now and if the arabs and neturei karta have their way and the arabs take over again eretz yisroel yiden will be killed out, and they will not allow any yiden to exist there!

  7. the kehillot around the world should put a herem on eretz israel !!
    yom ha-atzmaut ????
    what about beeing shomer torah wemitzwoth

  8. For those who equate Yom Haatzmaut with Ti’sha B’av – phooey on you. You won’t be zocheh to see the whole geulah.

    BTW: Do you live in Ertz Yisproel? Do you send your kids to learn there? You couldn’t do these things without a strong government and a strong Zahal!

    I understand R’ Weiss issue but disagree with his plan. Is there another day of the year, that has significance and meaning, that might also be able to serve? Yom Haatzmaut is truly a day that celebrates “Raishit Zmichat Geulatainu.” Is there another day with this significance that does not have the logistical problems of Yom Haatzmaut?

    Any Yid that does not see the significance of this, that does not believe that this is ikvitza d’meshicah, won’t be zocheh to see the geula or to participate in binyan bais shlishi.

    L’shana habah beyerushalayim habenuyah!!

  9. Isn’t this the guy who cursed an IDF officer in front of a videocamera, so all of Israel could see and hear a man in a yarmulkeh wishing death on the IDF officer who risks his life to protect him?
    Why should we pay any attention to him when he did us such a “favor?”

  10. an interesting idea… for all you people that continue to bash Yom Haatzmaut, shame on you, to speak about EY like that…

  11. to the ignorant jews of chutz laaretz — WAKE UP! eretz yisrael is the largest torah center in the entire world and none of it would be possible without the israeli government.

    just because you dont agree with the government doesnt mean that its doing more harm than good. if you have a real issue with it — MOVE TO ISRAEL!!! thats the beauty of democracy, if you people pick up your kehilos and moved to eretz hakodesh, r’ elyashiv could be the next prime minister.

    stop posting stupid comments on matzav and making yourselves look dumb. put your money where your mouth is and move, theres enough room here for everybody. i will be waiting for all of you with a smile on my face while holding a veshavu banim legvulam sign.

  12. I’m with Gabash on this one – people who are saying all of these terrible things about Eretz Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael are no better than the Misyavnim who sided with the Greeks and opposed the Jewish push to take back control of the land. I hate to break it to you ignorant people, but the kingdom established by the Chashmonaim was nowhere near what we have today. The numbers of yeshivas and centers of Torah that we have here are far greater than at any time in history. I don’t want to go so far as to say that the people who speak Lashon Hara about Medinat Yisrael are deserving of the same fate as the Meraglim, but it’s pretty close…shame on you people for being such koferim. If you have such a problem with the Atchalta D’Geulah than create a new center in America and see what happens there – us true believers in Darchei Hashem will be here.


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