Profiles Of 3 Frum Yidden Still Missing In Florida

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Chaim Rosenberg is a recent resident of Champlain Tower in Surfside. He purchased his condo last month, hoping its views of the Atlantic would help him find solace after a turbulent year that saw the loss of his wife to cancer, and both of his parents to COVID-19.

Benny Weisz, 32, and Malki Weisz, 27, of Lakewood, N.J., had just flown into Surfside the night of the Champlain Tower collapse. The couple, married for five years, came to visit Malki’s father, Chaim Rosenberg, and spend Shabbos in his new apartment.

Benny, works in finance and studies in a local kolel. “He knows everything, he can quote the works of the great German playwrights and poets like Goethe and Schiller and explain the most complex debates in the Talmud with relevant commentaries,“ his friend said.

Malki works as an auditor at Farmingdale, N.J., branch of the Roth & Co accounting firm.

@OneJerseySchorr, a colleague, describes her as someone who had almost a regal bearing “who brings an abundance of joy and life into the workplace.”




  1. Rachmana litzlan! We have to cry out to Hashem. Thank you for profiling, as it brings the reality home! These are real people like you and me. This is an ais tzara.


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