Project Donates Chabad Films to Misameach of Lakewood

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chanchy-brukA Chabad media organization and a Lakewood volunteer organization have teamed up in memory of Chanchy Bruk a”h.

In an effort to perpetuate the memory of their mother Mrs. Chanchy Bruk, whose second yahrzeit was on Teves 7, the Bruk family has undertaken to subsidize the cost price of a substantial number of popular JEM DVDs of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and donate them to the Misameach organization based in Lakewood New Jersey.

Misameach, run by a group of selfless volunteers, provided relief and entertainment for critically ill patients and their families. One of their popular services is their large DVD library with over 300 unique titles, and dozens of DVD players.

“It is well-known that morale and a positive state of mind have a tremendous impact on a patient’s physical well-being,” says Lipa Schwartz, director of Misameach. “We believe that inspirational videos have the power to generate a positive state of mind and, ultimately, help the patient heal.”

Currently, Misameach covers all New Jersey hospitals, including Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJ); and all Philadelphia hospitals, including Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

They also service the Boston, MA area hospitals, and have a DVD lending library in Boston. Upon request, they service other hospitals, like Schriners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati OH, or John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore MD, and many more.

With their DVD libraries housed in multiple locations in two states, patients have virtually the entire Jewish entertainment industry at their disposal, keeping their mind off their illness.

Schwartz approached JEM with a request for receiving their popular DVDs of the Rebbe and Chassidim. Together, the organizations approached the Bruk family who undertook this project to serve as a perpetual zchus, in loving memory of their mother who was a dedicated teacher.

The JEM staff carefully selected the films, among them Hand in Hand; My Pesukim and I am A Chassid, alongside JEM’s most highly recommended kids production, My Land. Bedridden children will also enjoy JEM’s world acclaimed Chanukah DVD, The Gift of Chanukah.


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