Project ‘No Baal Tashchis’

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food-baal-tashchisYitzy Gruen has embarked on a project to prevent baal tashchis. If you or someone you know is making a simcha, don’t throw away your leftovers, even it is just cholent or kugel or even just a side dish. Call or text Yitzy at 347-782-3940 or email [email protected] to arrange a pickup.

This year, the project is being done l’zecher nishmas Raphael Chaim Simcha Binyomin z”l ben Shlomo Mordechai.

If you know someone who can use food, let him know as well. Food is repackaged in commercial plastic containers and are as professional as if they were bought from a take out store.

Just recently, the organization dropped off 2 trays of 1 and 2 pound containers of food left over from a simcha which was headed straight to the garbage.

“If you would have only seen the kids faces when the food came in,” comments one volunteer. “It was a Kodak moment. A family of 7 that is beyond broke now had supper for 3 days!”

Any kiddush, simcha, party or gathering that is catered always has leftovers going to the garbage. One’s side dish with another’s main is a supper for a family.

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  1. Yitzy is a GREAT guy with a super wife and family who are always with a smile and always looking to help others. We can all learn from them. Yitzy also has a very well run and well stocked Judaica / Seforim store on Avenue M and East 19th in Faltbush that is open late every night. They will take good care of you and will have whatever you need.

    Yitzy – Keep smiling and keep up the wonderful things you do!

    (Shhhh – I’m the son in law of your mother in laws close friend 🙂

  2. While at it, lets not forget that “Baal Tashchis Busters” started by Mr. wexler in Monsey, has been picking up food from simchas in the whole tri-state area for over 10 years.

    We are not trying to diminish Reb yitzy’s project in any way, but they should get together to chat and exchange ideas.

  3. Thanks for all the good wishes, now just tell people to stop throwing out good food! lol

    Last night at 11:15 we picked up extras from a parlor meeting. When the food was finished being repackaged there was 11 2 lbs containers of pepper steak and an equal amount of rice and veggies. This morning it was delivered to someone who has kollel, Rabbeim and large families that come for food daily. Tonight it will be on their plates for supper.

    We moved approximately 4000 lbs of food in the last 2 weeks. All the food gets tasted for freshness and repackaged so it looks respectful for the recipients.

    The name of the project is
    S.T.O.P. (Stop Throwing Out Perishables)
    Updated e mail address [email protected]

    This year, the project is being done l’zecher nishmas a good friend of ours who lost a child Raphael Chaim Simcha Binyomin z”l ben Shlomo Mordechai.

  4. The Wechslers from Monsey, NY were doing this for years. Their Organization is called “sheiris-Ha-Plate”. They are very careful from which caterers they will take their left overs. Incidently they never took from any caterer that used Shevach as their supplier “they felt uncomfortable”.

  5. While this is a great idea. The poskim don’t define this as Baal Tashchis. Baal Tashchis is where one destroys food and other items for no reason other than destroying. That doesn’t mean that we have a chiyuv to go save food, but this is a nice idea in the end

  6. There are groups in Lakewood, Woodmere, Brooklyn, Teaneck, Monsey, Miami, Baltimore and anyone interested in forming a group in another town should contact Mr. Gruen

  7. yitzy the rebonah shel olam should bless
    on always being on the giving side and never
    have to come to the receiving

    If you could let me know if their is an
    organization that does this far rockaway i
    would appreciate.

  8. Sorry to be a party pooper but there are two things wrong with this.
    The first is Food Safety.Perishable food that as been sitting out of the refrigerator or out of the oven for more than 2 hours is no longer considered safe unless it has been actively monitored during the two hour period to acsertain that it has not been in the temperature danger zone – betweeen 41 degrees and 140 degrees Farenheit. If it has been within that zone or it is a safek if it has been in that zone for two hours then that food has a din of garbage and a legal status of potentially hazardous and compromised food. In other words it is a mitzva to throw it out.
    The second problem with this is that if there are people in our community who are so poor that they need to eat leftover garbage, then those people need Real Tzedaka – meaning money -so they can get their lives in order. If they are not getting the help they need then we need to rexamine our community Tzedaka Mechanisms and fix them.

  9. Anon, with all due respect there are 2 problems with your post.
    A. Your points about degrees is very important and althought I’m not a scientist you probably know what your talking about. But if you ANY interest in helping klal yisroel then instead of publicly posting this vital information, you would have called them and made sure that they knew this. Obvioulsy your bothered by what their doing. Maybe you’re jealous? See a therapist.

    B. I am proud to say that I have gotten food from them and no, none of it was garbage. It was food that was served the previous day at a simcha and if I went to buy it in the local take out it would have costed over $40.00 which at this time is a luxury that’s difficult for me to afford. Maybe my family wasn’t zoche like yours to have money to buy delicious týake out food but b”h der eibishter fiert der velt and my kids were taken care of in a bakoved way. If you feel so strong about our communitys wrong doings regarding tzedakah…..maybe you should find one that fits you better? Thanks to all the people who don’t just talk, but do as well.

    I don’t mean to offend you and I hope you’re not upset but comments like yours don’t help klal yisroel.


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