Project Refuah’s once-in-a-life-time drawing: Winner of the apartment in Merom Yerushalayim: A 29-year-old Avreich from Ashdod!

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It’s final! With tickets selling fast until the very last second, one of the greatest Jewish raffle’s in recent history has come to a dramatic close… and found itself a winner!


The lucky winner is a 29-year-old yungerman from Ashdod, R’ Yosef Rosenzweig, a son in law of R’Avrohom Boruch Lev from Tel Aviv. Above and beyond this wonderful turn of events, R’ Yosef has earned — along with thousands of others —  the eternal merit of enabling Project Refuah continue its vital mission: extending a helping hand to special kids and their families,


The suspense was palpable at the Merom Yerushalayim headquarters in Jerusalem, as the drawing took place in the presence of Mr. Chaim Mann — Project Refuah’s attorney, and Mattisyahu Stern, the organization’s CPA. Rabbi Naftali Nusbaim, Shlita, was the one to draw the ticket, in a dignified, legal, unforgettable ceremony that left one man the owner of a sparkling new apartment in the heart of Jerusalem and left many more the willing partners to sparkling nuggets of chessed as performed on a daily basis by Project Refuah staff and volunteers.


This incredible drawing has made headlines throughout the Jewish world. Operating in Eretz Yisroel for over thirty years, Project Refuah  has lately, B’syata D’Shmaya, and with the help of generous donors from all sections of society, expanded their services to be able to serve as an extended family to parents and siblings of special needs’ children in the US as well!


With the goal of restoring a sense of normalcy to the special needs household, by increasing the quality of life for the entire family unit — Project Refuah’s year-round programming engages special-needs children in safe, professionally supervised environments with exciting out-of-house activities and events.


Over the years, the organizations many successful programs have been greeted with gracious relief and ever-growing pleas for more. This year, finally heeding the call, Project Refuah has exported its proven model of care and respite to the shores of the United States. And with the fantastic success of this fresh-off-the-press drawing — conducted a mere few hours ago — Project Refuah’s staff have not one spare moment to sit back and relax. “We’re here on a holy mission — the kids and their families are waiting for us!” says Shlomo Werdiger, honored chairman of Project Refuah. “We are asking any families who would be interested in joining Project Refuah, as either members, or volunteers, to contact our devoted staff. We will continue to help and strengthen those who need us, with the support and involvement of the wider communities”.


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