PROPHET ANDREW: Cuomo Warns Coronavirus ‘Will Remain A Cause Of Death For The Foreseeable Future’


NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo reported another 74 deaths from the coronavirus today, saying that the number of deaths and hospitalizations is continuing to decline but COVID-19 will “remain a cause of death for the foreseeable future,” 1010 WINS reports.

Cuomo said there were 74 more deaths since Wednesday, when 74 new deaths were also reported.

The lowest number of daily deaths since the pandemic began was reported Tuesday, when there were 73. Over 700 people were dying a day at the height of the pandemic. The death toll in the state is now 23,717.

Cuomo warned deaths from the coronavirus will continue in the coming months. “We have a large state, and the COVID virus tends to attack those who are seniors and those who have underlying illnesses and will remain a cause of death for the foreseeable future, I’m afraid to say,” Cuomo said. “But we want to get this number down as low as possible.” Read more at 1010 WINS.



  1. All world leaders, Pelosi, McConnel, Gang of 8 taking hydroxychloriquine
    [link to (secure)]

    [link to (secure)]
    President of El Salvador Announces That He is Taking Hydroxychloroquine, Says ‘Most World Leaders’ Doing the Same
    By Cassandra Fairbanks
    Published May 27, 2020 at 12:40pm

    Bukele told reporters on Tuesday that “most world leaders” are doing the same and has questioned why world leaders are being advised to use it while the public is not.

    “I use it as a prophylaxis, President Trump uses it as a prophylaxis, most of the world’s leaders use it as a prophylaxis,” said Bukele.
    [link to (secure)]

    Eric Sevareid, CBS News

    1. This confirms what my source indicated when @POTUS
    announced he was taking HCQ. In mid-January, all World Leaders were advised to begin HCQ treatments. This advisory extended to the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader and the remaining members of the Gang of 8…
    Why are leaders being advised to take it and the masses being warned off?
    Why is Pelosi taking it and publicly saying Trump is crazy for doing the same?
    Who (not WHO) had been advising the leaders to take HCQ??

    • But abortion, the willful killing of defenseless babies, is encouraged and the dumb stupid taxpayers fund it!

  2. yidinneh May 28, 2020 at 12:23 pm
    so are crossing the street, pneumonia, food poisoning, upsdetting someone else, and just for being jewish
    Reply – eizehu chochom haroeh as hanolad
    you did not see how the funeral homes were backed up only 7 weeks ago
    your brain is too distracted to see reality
    this is an evil virus that can kill hard- you dont see funeral homes overflowing from people who died crossing street, food poisoning or upsetting someone else just for being jewish.
    be smart and dont take unnecessary chances.


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