Prosecutors File for Extension in Eisemann Case

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Just in: Prosecutors in the case of Rabbi Osher Eisemann have filed for a 30-day deadline extension for submitting their appeal brief.

The brief, a rebuttal on the appeal filed by Rabbi Eisemann’s lawyers last month, was due Wednesday, August 13. The judge granted their request, allowing them an additional 30 days to file their brief countering the points made by the defense and explaining why they believe the judge was overly lenient by sentencing Rabbi Eisemann to a 60-day prison term.

{ Newscenter}


  1. The Man is a Tzaddik, this all started from some NJ official that a grudge against him who than filed a false claim against. But when you start digging somebody up there’s always something to find. Just look what they did to Donald trump and his associates.


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