Prosecutors: Rubashkin Judge Didn’t Know Agriprocessors Was Their Target


rubashkin1Believe this and we’ve got a bridge to sell you.

The judge who presided over Sholom Rubashkin’s fraud trial did nothing improper when she met with federal agents prior to the massive 2008 immigration raid at Agriprocessors, Inc., prosecutors argued Tuesday.

U.S. District Judge Linda Reade was only told about a planned raid that would involve hundreds of illegal immigrant arrests, Assistant U.S. Attorney Peter Deegan Jr. wrote in court papers.

The chief federal judge for Iowa’s northern district was not privy to where the raid would take place, who would be targeted, or other details before the raid was underway, Deegan said.

The federal court filing came in response to defense claims that Reade did not disclose all of her conversations before the May 2008 raid. Rubashkin’s lawyers have asked for a new trial on grounds Reade took an improper role in helping plan the raid.

Reade has said she had limited “logistical cooperation” with law enforcement in advance, to ensure that the detained immigrants were given attorneys and interpreters. The massive raid also required her to move the immigrant hearings to the National Cattle Congress in Waterloo because of the number of arrests.

“In order to plan for hundreds of criminal prosecutions, the Court needed to be contacted at the earliest opportunity to determine whether the Court could handle so many prosecutions at once and, if so, when,” Deegan wrote. “The Court needed several months to plan for its role in the operation. There is nothing about the timing of the notification to suggest anything nefarious.”

Defense lawyers say Reade participated in a series of meetings with immigration agents and prosecutors that went beyond that limited role.

Reade has said she does not comment on pending cases.

Deegan said statements attributed to Reade about her “support” for the operation were taken out of context. Even if she had known that Agriprocessors was the target, he said, the allegations still would not lead a reasonable person to question her impartiality. He noted that the prosecutions immediately after the raid focused on the plant workers and not the management.



  1. NONSENSE! imagine i tell you the arrested someone, whats your first response: who? than the judge deffinately asked the same question when she was briefed before the arrests. simple

  2. Liars. What a chutzpah. Did you think she and those prosecutors would do otherwise? A goy is a liar. They have no compunctions about lying. It is part of their nature.

  3. So they are basically admitting that the ‘impartial’ judge was indeed sharpening her dagger months in advance, she just didn’t know the identity of her future victim. Then when the time came and the revelation was made, she plunged it in full force & turned it for good measure.

    This is just laughable, but we gotta keep praying that the feds don’t cover up for themselves.

  4. Matzav – PLEASE (just) report the news – why are you injecting your own commentary? Post it as a comment, if you wish, like everyone else.

  5. tana kama got a good point that all the rest are getting worked up about a small stupit name calling but who cares if she knew the name of the victim??!!

  6. the bridge is an amazing bridge it has 4 lanes going each way & it’s only 10,000 dollars! now that sounds kike a deal!!!!!!! this meshugena is a liar!!!!!!

  7. Stephanie Rose, Make up your mind. When are you saying the truth and when are you lying.
    Yesterday she declares
    “The hundreds of felony prosecutions commenced on May 12, 2008, and completed in
    Waterloo in the ensuing days, focused on Agriprocessors’ workers – not its
    management. The investigation of defendant and his wrongdoing was in its infancy.
    Defendant was not charged with any criminal charges until October 30, 2008; after
    other Agriprocessors mangers and office personnel had been prosecuted and
    even adding a footnote
    “The Court will recall only a single undocumented alien arrested on May 12, 2008,
    was called to testify at defendant’s trial”
    And continuing as follows
    “Even assuming defendant’s allegations gave cause to question Chief Judge Reade’s
    presiding over the cases of the undocumented workers, the concerns do not logically
    transfer to defendant’s trial. Defendant was tried and convicted, over a year later,
    based upon a broader financial investigation. The evidence gathered on May 12, 2008,
    was only a discrete part of the mountains of evidence used to convict defendant.”
    Yesterday’s papers pp 37, 38.
    But going back to the sentencing date we heard a complete different song, talking only about Rubashkin nothing about the prosecution of the illegal’s, in the press relies she describes as follows.
    “This prosecution and lengthy sentence resulted from an extensive two-year ICE worksite enforcement operation and follow-up investigation,” said Claude Arnold, Special Agent in Charge for the ICE Office of Investigations overseeing Iowa. “This case serves as a warning to employers that, if you build your business on the backs of an illegal workforce, ICE and other federal resources are there to make you pay the price.”
    And she added
    “The investigation began in October 2007 and continued after the execution of search warrants at Agriprocessors on May 12, 2008.”
    Again talking only about Rubashkin nothing about the prosecution of the illegal’s.
    If this is not enough, in her letter to the editor published that day she took extra pains to describe how important the raid was for the rubashkin prosecution in direct opposite of her statement yesterday she wrote
    The enforcement action was critical to the successful prosecution of Rubashkin and other management employees at Agriprocessors. These cases could not have been effectively prosecuted if the illegal workers had not been arrested and detained. Not one unarrested illegal worker ever came forward to assist law enforcement.”
    Could anyone ask her to make up her mind?


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