Prospect Park Dinner Pays Tribute to Chinuch Pioneer Rabbi Avraham Kelman Z”l


Last Sunday Prospect Park Yeshiva held their annual dinner at the stunning El Caribe in Brooklyn. The dinner was the most successful and emotional dinner in the history of Prospect Park Yeshiva. Parents and alumnae from as far back as thirty years, joined together to express their gratitude for all that the venerable Yeshiva had done for them, and to recognize how the Yeshiva’s decades long existence has played a major role in setting the highest standard for chinuch in our community.

The dinner also paid tribute to Rabbi Avrohom Kelman z”l, a pioneer in chinuch and a pillar of the community who through warmth and dedication changed the lives of generations of uncountable talmidos. Constantly smiling, Rabbi Kelman z”l had a rare ability to understand the needs of every individual girl and to help them surpass goals they never believed possible.

The dinner also celebrated the renowned mechaneches Mrs. Zlata Press, who’s been the dedicated Principal for an unbelievable fifty years. Fifty years of masterful teaching. Fifty years of skilled mentoring, loving kindness, and unfettered commitment. Mrs. Press continues to build on an already impressive legacy worthy of more praise than she can possibly receive.

The dinner featured multiple esteemed speakers. The chairman of the board, Abish Mendel spoke glowingly about his cherished relationship with Rabbi Kelman z”l. He spoke about the sensational accomplishments he and Rabbi Kelman worked hand in glove to achieve.

Rabbi Leib Kelman began with a dvar torah, comparing the level of servitude with which a Jewish servant serves his master, to the optimal method of serving Hashem – with complete dedication. He continued, saying that his father z”l served the Yeshiva with that same level of dedication, with that same level of utter commitment. He emphasized his father’s z”l superb method of chinuch, its sophistication, and how it stays with the talmidos for the rest of their lives. As well as how his method is mimicked by the many mechanchim who recognize its brilliance.

Rabbi Leib Kelman finished by celebrating Mrs. Zlata Press, bluntly stating that she was the best hire his father had ever made. He credited her enthusiasm, creativity, and innovative mind for making the Yeshiva the enormous success it is today.

Guest speaker Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky gave an inspiring address, complimenting the Yeshiva’s hanhala on a job well done, and marveling at the quality of the Prospect Park girls. Their broad base of knowledge being a result of their exceptional education was a constant theme in his emotion filled speech.

The dinner also served as a time for people to dedicate leaves on the eternal tree of life that will stand in the Yeshiva’s lobby as an everlasting memorial to Rabbi Avrohom Kelman z”l. Dedicating a leaf is our way of saying thank you to a great man to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude.

There are still a couple of leaves left. If you want to join us in remembering the legendary Rabbi Avrohom Kelman z”l please call 718-376-4400 x3621.

Flatbush is privileged to have Prospect Park Yeshiva in their midst.



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