Protest to Bring Down Statue of Dovid Hamelech


dovid-hamelechA four-meter-tall statue of Dovid Hamelech that stands outside of Dovid Hamelech’s kever on Har Tzion may be moved following intense opposition from the chareidi community. The statue, which features Dovid Hamelech holding a harp and draped in fabric, was donated by the St. Nicholas Church and had passed all of the necessary steps of approval before it was erected, Yediot Achronot reported.

Six months ago, some had slathered red paint on the statue, which five sanitation workers worked to clean.

The matter was mostly forgotten until city council members, including Deputy Mayor Yitzchok Zev Pindrus, announced they were asking to move the statue to a different place on Har Tzion farther from the kever, or a public park. Some opposition members are worried that honoring this demand will lead to a host of other requests to move statues in the capital.

{JPost/ Israel}



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