Protesters Gather In Manhattan To Protest Draft

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  1. Freedom is dear. These helper groups are silly. The IDF draft is key surviving hope. We can see David does not jack away because he must face Goliath.

    These are men without dreams. It is shame.

  2. Who is that embarrassment to Lakewood holding that dumb sign? Next time cover your face at least! Who are you to say what you think about Being Brak??? The average 13 year old boy in Bnei Brak knows how to learn better than you and probably spends alot more time than you in the Beis Medrash instead of idiotically protesting something you have no clue about at all! Hang your head in shame! Who do you think you are to disagree with the directives of R Chaim Kanievsky and R Shteinmann?? There is NO DRAFT!!!! Just register your name and get a deferment! Do what you are supposed to do and go back to learn. And YOU!!! Mr. Proud Lakewooder get back into yeshiva and do something with your life.

  3. Why should religious Jews serve in an army that’s anti religious.
    Here are the facts.
    The israeli army is number nine in a list of 101 world armies that is toeiva friendly. France is number nine. America number 41. That’s reason enough to avoid the draft.
    The goal of the israeli army is to corrupt the future young generation of Orthodox Jews. By mixing young 18 year old boys for three years in army mixed with girls who have also been corrupted unfortunately. Every girl in the israeli army is entitled to three free abortions. Feh.

    • I totally agree, the Zionists are INCREASING the number of women serving in the army in order to create more pritzus, the Zionists want to make everyone hiloni, we all know they hate Torah which is ultimately what is protecting Am Yisroel.

  4. In response to the last Anonymous posting why bochurim shoulnt go to the army. Have you HEARD or READ about a single bochur who was DRAFTED???!!!!! No one wants them in the army!!! Just register for a PITUR! And yes, now that they are arrested they sit and watch TV a whole day and night and flirt with the female guards in jail, instead of sitting in Beis Medrash! How does that sound for a justified trade-off??? What do you think these “Tzadikim” are doing in jail? Learning more? They forgot how to, after so much time damaging the streets and protesting. But by now they can definitely tell you which channels are best to watch at which hours. Ugh. Makes me want to vomit. And yes, I LIVE in Israel and my husband is in kollel for 10 years, so I am not speaking like someone who doesn’t know or understand. I am just fed up with watching these hooligans and listening to them ramble while saddeningly influencing those in America who have no clue as to what is really going on HERE in Israel. AND I’m tired of trying to defend the horrible actions of these people to my children who cant understand why AGAIN there are no busses and how can they hear neighbors speak about our Gedolim with such mockery.. So yes, I have had to explain to my children that sometimes even people who look frum and act frum are in essence empty of real Torah values.

  5. These people should have white pepper put in their mouths to clear out the stupidity that they say. Their parents should be proud to have raised them to be so self hating. Pleas get their name for a tehillim

  6. I don’t understand,
    If you believe, learning Torah in Yeshiva protects the Medina from the Arab enemies so why
    don’t you believe learning Torah protects the Bnei Yeshiva from the Tziyoinim?.
    Does the Torah protect us only from Arabs and not from Tziyoinim?
    Why the need to leave the Beis Hamidrash?

  7. did anyone ever wonder why the people that are always protesting for torah are always the ones that never cracked a book in their lives, pretty ironic, anyway not sure why this even got reported on matzav,??? i dont believe rav shach would approve of this!!

  8. Did any of them sit down in a major intersection or one of the main roads in and out of Manhattan and block traffic as happened at the demonstration in Jerusalem

  9. if not for matzav , no one woukd even know there is a [protest these nuts thrive off the publicity counting how many sites and how many views on you tube

  10. who is the man in the white beard who appears at the first few seconds of the video on the right edge of the screen and is briefly seen as he whispers instructions in to the ear of this uncertain and not well articulated boy seconds before he begins speaking? and then he quickly disappears to the side and the entire crowd [of a just a handful of protesters immediately all become silent]! THAT MAN is the real provocateur . the child screaming is just a stand-in for the real baalei machlokes which come in all shapes and sizes including with long white beards.

  11. In Chazal’s time, these heilige yidden would have been called “reikim”. In prewar Europe, there were known as leidigers, or puste mentschen, which means the same. In various other periods, “pchusim” was the endearing term used.
    Today, they are activists and protesters. Look how the times have changed!! The same activities that earned the term “empty” during the Mishnaic era are now called vital public services.

  12. All you commentators hate Torah Jews. Facts are facts.
    The israeli government hates Torah. Yes they don’t mind torah as a subject of culture. The israeli leaders are atheists. They care more about liberal sick Toeiva rights then their own foolish soldiers who are brainwashed by these self serving politicians. Any religious Jew sending his kid to the israeli army is a fool. The hero’s of our people are the protesters. Kol hakovad. I’m not satmar. I’m a frum yid from flatbush. The tzyoinim have been spitting on Torah for years. You guys are too young to remember how they had forced autopsies. Every jewish body was cut up to pieces. What do you idiotic imbecels know about tziyonim. All our leaders fought them. Satmar Rebbe,rimnitzer Rebbe and yes even reb Moshe. If not for these heroic protesters the land of israel will become sodom. And you guys don’t realize the wrath facing Israel if this rebellion continues.


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