Protesters Rally At A Second Women’s March In Nation’s Capital

Demonstrators cheer during the Women's March on Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Must credit: Washington Post photo by Bill O'Leary

Thousands of demonstrators gathered Saturday on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and lined the frozen-over Reflecting Pool to rally for women’s rights, urge women to run for public office and call on citizens to fully engage on issues from assault and racial equality to immigrant protections and gun violence.

The rally, which took place hours after the government shutdown that began at midnight, was organized to rekindle the activism and civic participation ignited by the massive Women’s March on Washington held the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration last year.

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  1. Are we making progress in humane feminine feelings in America? Clearly not. I am in my anthropological mind noting the women’s dress which mostly today is pants. I went to orchestra tonight and only 2 women on stage were noted in skirts and the others all in pants looking wise very lazy.

    Its the whole culture. Not a woman in the intermission crowd word a dress I noted. I am in a seedy town without many jews. Could that be much?

    Either way, this movement is the same thing. They want not femininity but more masculine anger and resentment for our wage of new credit in America. All feelings are that we need a Posterity Movement to look back on women’s attire which worked in the past and lead to civil feelings among men.

    Still, I will report here that at the symphony tonight, more men than ever usual had beards and many a few with mustaches. This being a sociology perspective is interesting.

    So onward in the kingdom. Maybe the women’s march was neat to the untidy feelings. It was only one day. I dare think Mr. Trump has any policy change. Perhaps his guilded thoughts will emerge. Will only see in time.


  2. These are man hating women. They want the men to put on dresses. I have a Trump bumper sticker on my car and every once in a while I get angry shouts from African american men. I yell back at them that if hillarey would of won, you would have to put on a skirt. After that they turn pro Trump.


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