Protests Erupt In Los Angeles After Black Man Shot By Police

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Protests erupted in southern Los Angeles on Monday night after the fatal shooting of a black man by police.

A demonstration took place at the scene of the shooting earlier on Monday afternoon when sheriff’s deputies opened fire on a suspect during a foot chase in the area of Westmont, according to CBSLA.

The man who was killed, identified by a local Black Lives Matters group as Dijon Kizzee, was riding his bike when the deputies tried to stop him for “code violations related to his bike riding.”

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  1. Just follow the request of the police officer and you will be fine. If you try to escape and they have reason to think that you’re doing something dangerous, you will get shot! Why are you so stupid? Why are your people so stupid? Open your eyes! Don’t you see what you’re doing to yourselves? Yeah you’re DEAD and in the news now but in In a few weeks, no one remembers you. You are as insignificant as the dust on the ground.

  2. Once again MATZAV gives you half the story. This troublemaker had a semi-automatic weapon which he accidentally dropped and the started to run away. More blacks get shot than any other group because more blacks commit more crimes than any other group. What part of that statement don’t you understand?


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