Providential Reward: Gestapo Chief’s Fate Shocking To German Jews

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gestapo-chief-heinrich-muellerBy Moshe L. Kuskin

” BERLIN – Gestapo chief Heinrich Mueller, the most senior Nazi whose fate has until now remained unknown, died in Berlin in 1945 and, in a chilling twist for an organizer of the Holocaust, lies in a Jewish cemetery, a German historian says.

“…Professor Johannes Tuchel says he has found proof that Mueller did indeed die in Berlin in 1945, was first buried in a provisional grave in a garden in Luftwaffe headquarters and then consigned to a mass grave in a Jewish cemetery in the city.”

The above headline and story excerpts appeared as one of the banner stories reported by MSNBC on their internet home page. What the German Jews, who were shocked by the finding do not know, and what the world does not understand is the following likely explanation of reward and punishment, which will shed light on how such an apparently shocking occurrence could happen:

A pious rabbi, the scion of one of the Chassidic dynasties of Europe, lived near the city of Danzig before the second World War. He was meticulous in fulfillment of the words of Chazal, “Hevai makdim b’shlom kol adam – Be the first to extend a greeting to all men (Avos 4:15),” and would always offer a warm “hello”  to a certain Herr Mueller, who was working in his fields, as he strolled near the outskirts of town. After the war broke out, Mueller became the monster he was, head of the Gestappo, responsible for the mass extermination of Jews and who reported directly to Himmler himself.

Thrown into Auschwitz, starved and beaten until he was barely a skeleton, this scion of Chassidic rabbis found himself standing in line, waiting for one of the regular “selektzias,” where the Jews of Auschwitz were herded either to the right or the left-to life or death. Already half dead, himself, the rabbi felt some inexplicable urge to lift his head and see who this beast was, dressed in white gloves and a sparkling, black uniform, who was playing G-d, decreeing life and death. He lifted up his eyes and found himself saying, “Good morning, Herr Mueller,” as he had, daily, for so many years to that face which he recognized so well. “Good morning, Herr Rabbiner! What are you doing here?!” came the voice from under the SS cap.  Mueller waved his baton to the right, signifying life, and the following day the rabbi was transferred to a safer camp. He survived the war and lived at least until his eighties, when he recounted this story, which appears in the book “Chassidic tales of the Holocaust” by Yaffa Eliach, published by Avon Books in 1983.

The Al-mighty, Chazal teach us, does not withhold reward for any good deed from any creature, and as the Torah states, “umeshaleim l’sonav el panav l’ha’aveedu” (Devorim 7:10). Hashem pays back the wicked in this world for any good deed they perform, so that their reward in the next world will be complete. Mueller, however, according to the article, died in 1945, of apparent suicide, at the conclusion of the war, and it seems clear that his body was requisitioned to the Jewish cemetery in Berlin shortly thereafter. What was his reward for saving the life of a pious Jew? Burial in a Jewish cemetery among tehorim, pure Jewish souls.

{Moshe L. Newscenter}


  1. May we be zoche to see kiddush Hashem by witnessing the destructin of all those who cause yidden suffering b’mheira b’yameinu.

  2. May we be zoche to see kiddush Hashem by witnessing the destruction of all those who cause yidden suffering b’mheira b’yameinu.

  3. what a stunningly stupid article. who in the world can possibly say why something like this could happen? “likely explanation of reward and punishment”? who in the world does the author think he is??

  4. The story was made famous by Yaffa Eliach – but no where does she say that this is the same Mueller. Does Moshe Kuskin have any proof to back this up?

  5. To all of you, the story is true, I have heard the story from the Bluzever Rebbe ZT”L many times, but Yaffa Eliach, just didn’t put his name to the story

  6. Unfortunately this story isn’t referring to this particular Muller for the following reasons:

    1)Heinrich Muller is an EXTREMELY common name in Germany equivalent to Henry Miller

    2)Acc to wikipedia he joined the SS in 1934 and was already a Munich policeman by 1919.

    Hence, seeing how he was already a prominent Nazi by 1933/34 – 5 years before the war, and a policeman before that it is totally improbable that he would be working fields in Danzig and that he was originally just a simple man with whom the rabbi had a rapport. Rather, he was an established Nazi and anti-semite years before the war.

    Please do more research before making wild assumptions.

  7. 1) the writer does not claim to know the mind of G-d! It merely suggests a “likely” (probable) explanation for this shocking occurrence which seems to defy logic, if one believes in a just and omnipotent G-d. Anyone who has studied “Sha’ar HaGemul” by the Ramban understands that the explanation in this article is completely consistent with what Chazal tell us about the ways of HaShem with regard to reward and punishment. We are obligated to use our logic based on chazal in order to understand the ways of Hashem and derive mussar from them.
    2) the last paragraph was edited incorrectly by Matzav, deleting the word “gehennem” which appeared in parenthesis after the word “reward” which appears in the third line. The faulty editing has understandably obfuscated the meaning of the essay.
    3)Wikkipedia has been discredited many times for its inaccuracies. It would be an unlikely coincidence if there were two Gestappo chiefs with the same name.

  8. 8,11,13 you sound like the same person under different names. What has all this to do wth nevah, gaivah etc. When person sees such a total rasha, who was responsible for such atrocities, they are trying to find reason as to why he should deserve the kovod of being buried were he was buried. Just like a doctor who gives out medication doesn’t really know for sure, if the symptoms he has identified,corolate with the sickness it seems to indicate,the doctor makes an EDUCATED GUESS based on his education, research and experience,and hopes he was correct in his evalution. Does this mean he is a nevey? No, it is an educated guess. The same is for the above story, we don’t ever know for sure, only hashem knows, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to make an educated guess on why this rasha was zoche to be buried where he was buried.

  9. This article is ludicrous. There is nothing likely or remotely educated about this guess. Every rasha does some good things. To guess that this nazi was buried in a jewish cemetery because of a particular jew that he did not kill is beyond stupidity. It is also pointless. Bubba maysehs are good for little children why are you printing such things here.


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