PSAK DIN: Bais Din In Israel Declare That Rav Berland And His Chassidim Should Be Left Alone


A Bais Din signed a proclamation against those antagonizing Rav Eliezer Berland and his followers, who go by the name Shuvu Bonim, saying that all the provocations should stop.

The declaration was signed by several Gedolim, among them Rav Moshe Shternbuch and Rav Yitchok Tuvia Weiss, and says that all tactics against Shuvu Bonim, including smear campaigns and name calling should be put to an end at once.

The letter says that anyone with complaints against Rav Berland or his group of followers should bring their grievances to Bais Din instead.



  1. Thank you MATZAV for alerting all you’re readers to thujs מחלוקת which i would assume 99% of whom had never heard about it. I am sure the חפץ חיים is cheering on you’re spreading of מחלקותץ The קול קורא or פסק דין is meant for any party involved in the מחלקות not to alert tens of thousands of viewers that there is a new מחלוקת to “hock” about.

    • I’m not a posek perhaps your right, but you don’t make sense. Breslov is a worldwide movement. There are many people who may be involved in the “provocations”. How will they know about this proclamation if not through the media?

    • I don’t think there is any Lashon HaRa involved here? Lashon HaRa is when you say something TRUE about a Jew. No specific Jews have been specified by name in this Psak Din, in terms of people talking evilly against Rabbi Berland and his students, so there is nothing to even discuss re: Lashon HaRa.

      BH, as many people as possible will take this Psak Din to heart, and stop participating in the the awful motzae shem ra, slander and defamation that has caused the worst Chillul Hashem in modern Jewish history. And I hope the haredi news sites that have stoking all this sinat chinam against Rabbi Berland and his students will also take this to heart, and make proper teshuva.

    • what a krum kup you have… Here theyre mentioning the psak against lashon horah and you come and put the idea of lashon horah back here. Why can’t you just think yashar????

  2. So if some of the Rabbi’s followers are speeding down the highway at 120mph endangering others, we’re supposed to look the other way?

  3. Everyone sadly heard about it. Thank you matzav for posting this important psak which is meant for all klall Yisrael after years of lashon hara speaking against a certain big tzaddik and his kehilla.

    • The letter doesn’t say the people involved didn’t do anything wrong. It only states that if one has complaints, it should be brought to a Bais Din instead of posting it on social media.

  4. Lacon you’re like the chacham (idiot) in the story of the chacham and tam. If it’s forged don’t you think all these known Rabbi’s would come out with a loud and clear objection and statement against their signatures being forged?!?!


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