Public Policy Poll: Bachmann Edges Ahead of Romney

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romneyRep. Michele Bachmann has edged into the lead for the GOP nomination for president in the latest Public Policy Polling survey of Republican primary voters. The Minnesota congresswoman now tops former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 21 to 20 percent.

Other announced and potential challengers are far behind Bachmann and Romney. Texas Gov. Rick Perry grabs 12 percent, followed by Herman Cain with 11 percent, Ron Paul with 9 percent, Newt Gingrich with 7 percent, Tim Pawlenty with 5 percent, and Jon Huntsman with 3 percent.

Romney does best with centrist Republicans, while Bachmann’s strength lies with conservative voters. And introducing former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin into the mix pushes Bachmann’s numbers back. With Palin in the race, Romney leads with 20 percent, followed by 16 percent for Bachmann and 12 percent for Palin. However, just 29 percent think Palin should enter the race.

In a race between Bachmann and Romney, Bachmann would lead 44 to 41 percent. In such a scenario, Bachmann would pick up the support of Cain, Paul, and Perry backers while Romney would get supporters of Gingrich, Huntsman, and Pawlenty.

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  1. It’s very interesting, I for one would hope Bachman leads, not because she has the best chance, because it doesn’t seem like she has the best chance, due to Romny being in a better position to garner the centerist votes. But I would be happy if Bachman wins because she’s a woman, and women are masters in politics, they don’t sucumb to pressure as quick as men, and so a woman being president will be much more likely to keep her campaign promises, and follow on to be a great president.

  2. It’s unfortunate that the far right has the biggest say in which candidate will oppose Obama. Romney can win in the general election. Bachmann can’t. Upstart House members don’t beat incumbent preisidents. Especially not if they are flaky, gaffe-making political extremists. Wake up.

  3. Eh, I don’t go for Bachmann.

    I was following the Twitter town hall yesterday. She basically said she wouldn’t use preemptive military force.

    I support Rick Santorum, even though he’s not doing well. My reasons?

    -Tim Pawlenty: Unable to explain his accusation of “ObamneyCare”; thinks Iraqi federation a bad idea

    -Herman Cain: Lack of foreign policy experience; dangerous positions on freedom of religion (I’m not a fan of Islam, by the way)

    -Newt Gingrich: Marital issues

    -Michele Bachmann: Would not use military force unless U.S. was attacked

    -Rick Perry: pro-Nullification; overtly Christian; opposed to embryonic stem-cell research

    -Mitt Romney: RomneyCare; lukewarm views on morality

    – Ron Paul: Libertarian; notoriously isolationist; consistent “no” voter on pro-Israel resolutions

    (I don’t know much about Huntsman, Johnson, or the others…)


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