Putin Opposer Navalny Calls Election Boycott Rallies


Opposition leader Alexei Navalny announced on Wednesday a series of rallies across Russia in January to press home his call for a boycott of next year’s presidential election, a move likely to draw a sharp response from the Kremlin and police.

The commission ruled on Monday that Navalny was not eligible to run against Putin due to a suspended prison sentence.

“We refuse to call the reappointment of Putin an election,” Navalny said in a statement on his website. “We are not going to vote and will convince everyone around us not to vote. We are going to campaign (for a boycott) with all our might.”

Read more at REUTERS.



  1. Don’t you knyow dyis yis Russia…Of corse ve vant evrysing to be legyal. But if ve chaft to, ve vill myake sure dat da ryight pyrrson alvays vins da electyion.


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