Putin Orders Sanctions Against Turkey

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putinRussian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree for sanctions against Turkey today, days after a Russian warplane was taken down in Turkey. 

Turkish Presdient Tayyip Erdogan expressed regret over the warplane incident earlier on Saturday, saying “we are truly saddened by this incident.”

Putin’s sanctions include a ban on some goods and bars extensions of labor contracts for Turks working in Russia, as well as an end to chartered flights from Russia to Turkey and a ban on Russian tourist companies’ vacation packages that include a stay in Turkey. Read more at Yahoo News.



  1. Ha ha ha ha ha, or as they say in Russian, Cha cha cha cha cha. Hay lowlife erdogan, how do U enjoy this apologizing thingy. It’s unbelievable how Hashem can sometimes make fun of an idiot. I wonder if Erdogan will ever ask Israel to apologize again, while he’ll be busy apologizing to keep his economy afloat


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