Quebec Court: All 128 Lev Tahor Cult Children Into Protective Custody


lev-tahor1At the same time that some are attempting to whitewash the Lev Tahor saga, a Quebec Provincial Court has issued apprehension orders for all 128 Lev Tahor children.

Youth protection officials in Quebec tell the orders were issued in November of 2013, after the group fled the province.

“Those orders have been transferred to the Chatham-Kent Children’s Services,” says Director of Communications for the Laurentian Youth Center Isabelle Dugre. “For the moment, we do not know what will be the action of CKCS regarding those orders.”

The group awaits a judge’s decision in an on-going custody case involving 14 children.

The children and their parents fled Chatham-Kent after an Ontario judge upheld a Quebec court order forcing them into foster care. Six are in Guatemala where they are reportedly seeking refugee status, six were apprehended in Trinidad and Tobago and another two were discovered at the Calgary International Airport. A 17-year-old girl has since been released from custody, but her infant child remains in foster care with a Jewish family near Toronto, as do the other children.

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  1. The group that separated from the Klal yisroel family, has had their own families separated. Mah Rabu Maasecha Hashem ! However our job is to help our brothers

  2. This is terrible. Klal Yisroel should try and help them, because they’re being persecuted. This is not about child abuse, but religious intolerance and it is a dangerous thing for all Yidden.

  3. These people are sick. I hope the children will have the chance to be raised by loving Jewish families and will finally be able to live normal lives.

  4. I can’t believe #2 and 4, did u do any reading about these people, they are a real cult, u have to realize not all goyim mean harm and it looks like they’re right in this case

  5. These Yidden are our brethren and should be treated like that. It is our obligation to help them out just as we would with any other jew.

  6. We need to help them takeh…by making sure this cult is NO MORE. To “detox” them and let them go back to have normal lives and not be under the influence of one crazy leader. Sorry, but this is the truth. These poor woman and children…totally cut off from the rest of the world. This is insane. Yes, we need to be there for them…but by showing them that the life they have been living until now, is not what Hashem wants.Please Hashem, help these poor families…get a normal life.

  7. Did any respectable party try to communicate with this khevrah directly during the long period when the confrontation was brewing?. Lots of acrimony but little attempt at discussion. Now sitra akh’ra has stepped in to “resolve” the situation. It’s Paysakh. Remember that Mosheh’s first opponents were “Yidden”. He could force the 49 madraygos. We are so feeble, sometimes.

  8. Here we go again! Some Jews are so naive that it really worries me. Lev Tohor people are extreme to some Jews BUT it is not our business how they want to keep their Judaism. The Truth is they are being persecuted and the authorities are clever enough to use our own lack of Ahavas Yiroel and spiritual jealousy to be a conspirator against these yiddin. I do not care what kind of trap they are setting for lev tohor and for us the fact is children belong with their parents and it is illogical that 128 children are abused all by their parents please USE your head instead of your modern orthodox assimilated mentality. What is happening here is an attack on Judaism with the help of some Yiddin that are too stupid to see what is going on (I hope the moderator put my words as I wrote them) We most help them support them encourage them and if necessary go to court to protect them!

  9. Oh, so children belong with their parents? So then tell me why children in Lev Tahor are routinely sent to other members’ homes as a punishment, either for the child or the parent?

  10. I live in oilom ha sheker and that means that people can argue passionately for years without knowledge of what they are talking about.

    It means that it is easier to believe negative and derogatory accusations against anyone if it is convenient to do so! TZEDEK TZEDEK Tirdof says the Torah!!! A Jew must know the truth and seek the truth and even then he must analyze all the facts before jumping to conclusions, But some prefer the fun of Yellow Journalism even when targeted against other Jews.


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