Quebec Prohibits Public Workers From Wearing Yarmulke, Turban, Hijab At Work


Quebec passed its so-called secularism law that bans certain public employees — teachers, judges and police officers, among them — from wearing religious symbols including yarmulkes, turbans and hijabs at work.

Bill 21 passed Sunday in a 73-35 vote following a marathon legislative session over the weekend that featured contentious debate. Polls have consistently shown widespread support for the legislation among the province’s French-speaking majority.

Some Jewish-majority municipalities have passed motions promising never to enforce the law, which has seen months of acrimonious debate and public hearings.

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  1. These dumb French Pepsi’s have have been racists and anti Semites for many many years already. Canada should let then secede already. Enough is enough.

  2. They’re more dumb than racist. Like the stupid French, they realize now that their “culture” is going down the toilet because of the massive amount of arab trash they’ve welcomed in the last 2 decades. So this is their “solution” to their problem.
    Too little too late.
    Au revoir!

  3. Would be interesting to know if this law applies to priests / nuns / friars etc. and, in case it does not, if it is constitutional.

  4. Can’t bring myself to call it a good Law because Some will have to take it off the yamulka
    and possibly snoods
    How could we deem it however a bad law?

    That the secular And non-orthodox organizations Were militantly opposing this from the beginning
    – and they’re not fools, must be something good coming out of it

  5. For one
    we have to for too long judged our Jewish politicians and government officials more by what’s on top of their head Rather than on inside their heads

    This is intended to be a means to restore a normative public consensus that
    has been on the verge of collapse into chaos If it hasn’t already a while ago
    We were given granted immense freedom And opportunity past couple Generations
    Had we proved worthy our societies would have been brought the world upward
    As we weren’t We may have to step back a bit to restore A shred of normality

  6. HAd this bill been exclusively somehow against our community Could have Termed it then anti-Semitic
    that is far from the case here
    Should we feel Pained by this? Probably. Is that so bad
    ?for too long we’ve taken Our exterior appendages for granted
    Possibly this is a means of / Test show how much we Value it!


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