Queens Firm Jacked Up Battery Tunnel Fix-up Costs By $68M, Stands To Claim $1.4M Bonus For Finishing Early

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The NY Daily News reports that a Queens construction firm that edged out 13 other bidders for the lucrative contract to fix the Battery Tunnel submitted the lowest bid — then charged an extra $68 million to do the job.
Tully Construction Co., a repeat contributor to the campaigns of Gov. Cuomo, is on target to receive a $1.4 million bonus for getting the work finished early.
Tully submitted 20 amended work orders that hiked the cost of the four-year project to repair the tunnel. Its winning bid was $282.5 million. Transit officials said the added costs were tied to new initiatives such as the cashless tolling system, the replacement of the Morris St. pedestrian bridge at the lower Manhattan entrance to the tunnel, and speeding up the completion of the total overhaul by nine months.


  1. If the extra costs were for stuff that wasn’t in the original proposal and was added later, then what’s the problem? And if they finished early they earned the bonus as per the contract. Nothing to see here, move along…


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