Queens: Measles Immunization Testing Event

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      • Sue,

        Even people that have been vaccinated are incouraged to get their Titers checked to confirm immunity as this is a very serious medical concern and can be fatal.

        • That’s indeed the problem. Why are the vaccinated people getting the measles when they should be protected for life? Those who had the actual measles are protected for life and will not get measles ever again. Why bother vaccinating if you’ll get when exposed? Don’t you get it yet?

    • No this test is not dangerous. It is a simple blood draw that should take less than 2 minutes to set up and draw. The blood is then sent to a lab and Results will be available in 24-48 hours.

  1. Common side effects from the MMR vaccine, according to CDC website, include a mild rash:

    St. Jude’s hospital visiting guidelines state: “For an immune suppressed child, the risk of infection from a live, attenuated virus vaccine is small compared to the risk of infection from exposure to someone with a vaccine-preventable disease. It is still recommended for your immune suppressed child:
    To avoid contact with a person who has a rash after recently receiving the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine…”

    Does that mean if someone gets a mild rash from the measles vaccine, they should also not be in contact with an immune suppressed child?

    • This is not a vaccination event. We are simply doing MMR Titers. Titers is a blood test that measures antibodies in ones blood to confirm immunity to diseases etc.

  2. You’ve been posting several measles articles daily for months and years. Not 1 single article changed the minds from anyone who has done research on vaccination. Why bother with this hoax? Even if you get commission for every article, aren’t you worried that you’re actually causing Jews to get injured with ineffective and fatal injections?

    • You are absolutely correct – there is no convincing you or the other anti-vaxers.

      There is one answer to you. The one that you fear the most:


      Get out of my kids’ yeshiva and bais Yaakov. Out of their playgroup. Out of their beis mesrash and shul. Out of my house.

      As for public spaces, you will be known for who you are and people will walk away. When you sneeze , we will shudder.

      No more anonymous living.

      • I’m confused. If this event is for people who got the vaccine and no longer have antibodies, then it would appear that most adults are technically just as unvaccinated as the unvaccinated kids.

        So if most adults are not vaccinated, perhaps only 50% or 60% of the public is actually vaccinated. So the entire theory of 95% needed “herd immunity” would appear to be false.

        Are you going to kick all the adults out of shul, beis medrash and your house?

        And I’m sure your summer trips to Lancaster are a thing of the past…

        No need to be so nasty about something you obviously didn’t research very well.

        I admire the approach taken at the site rodefshalom613 and then ends with .org. Sounds like a rational person who still remembers his middos lessons.

  3. The MMR manufacturer’s insert says this vaccine should not be given to pregnant women. Are they going to do pregnancy tests before giving this vaccine to women of child-bearing age who may unknowningly be pregnant? It also says that women should not become pregnant for three months after getting this vaccine. Are rabbis going to allow for birth control for three months for those women who get the vaccine? Thank you.

    • So you’are saying that the vaccination they had as children is auf toyte bankess, absolutely worthless and one must retake it every few years. You have to be a fool to take it every few years for the rest of your life just in case… when you can be over with this mild disease in 2 weeks as a child. B”H for the smart people in Williamsburg and BP who understand this.


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