Questions Arise In Charges Against Arab Who Assaulted A 7-Year-Old Girl In Israel

Male hands in handcuffs arrest
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Officials involved in the investigation of the assault of the seven-year-old girl from the Modi’in area said Wednesday that the police may retract the indictment against the accused Palestinian Arab if there is no new evidence in the case.

A source close to the investigation explained that the investigation was corrupted due to the lateness of the family’s report to police, and that there is therefore a need for auxiliary evidence in order to justify the indictment against Mahmoud Katusa.

Gadi Siso, head of the Police Investigations Division, and the Military Advocate General, Major General Sharon Afek, decided yesterday to order the Central Unit in the Judea and Samaria District to conduct additional investigations.

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  1. No evidence? It’s a simple medical examination to determine if the girl is in the same condition as when she was born in, or not. From the fact that the police is not saying that there is an evidence of the girl lying, it can be implied that the latter is the case – the girl was physically damaged. Therefore, even if the police dropped the ball on obtaining the DNA evidence, the mere fact that the girl has medically-certified physical damage coupled with her testimony of her assailant is enough evidence to build a successful case. In fact, plenty of men have been prosecuted just on “she said” without any physical evidence, on something that allegedly happened years ago. Besides, why wasn’t DNA evidence collected in a timely manner? It seems that the Judenrat Police is motivated politically to sabotage the case. There has to be an independent investigation of this police investigation – those judenrat capos found to be obstructing the investigation should be tried for treason. It can even be argued that a police force that covers up for terrorists is even more dangerous than actual terrorists.

  2. there were a trail of errors by the police department. It happened a few weeks ago and there wasn’t enough evidence collected. Bottom line, besides for fighting terrorism and improving highway and road safety, the Israeli police are a failure. They have no method of dealing with anything else including a situation like this, burglaries etc….

  3. Maybe they used the Arab worker for a cover up, and really a friend or family member assaulted the girl..
    Who know
    But something seems off….


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