R’ Bentzy Oiring – He is Marrying off a Child and Needs Our Help.

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If the name Ben Zion Oiring is not familiar to you, certainly his face is.

Pictures of him have been published regularly over the years. You may remember the photo of him coddling a baby that he had just pulled from a burning bus after a terrorist attack. Just recently he was at the scene of the bus that rolled over in the West Bank. There were also pictures of him at the ramming attack in Armon Hanetziv which targeted Israeli soldiers. Or you may remember seeing a photo of him kneeling down performing CPR on someone who had been in a tragic car accident. You may have even wondered; “Who is that guy? How is he always there, at the right place in the right time to assist others in their desperate time of need? Who does he work for? He must get paid well for doing such gruesome, difficult tasks…”


Ben Zion is a master at chessed, it consumes his life. Nobody pays him. I suggested to him that he open a chessed organization and raise money to perform the many things he does to help people. He wouldn’t hear of it. He tries to earn a living at different crafts, but fails to earn a decent living. That doesn’t break him, but it does cause him great difficulty.

He lives with his family in a tiny fifth floor walkup apartment at the end of Meah Shearim. His children sleep on the floor in the living room/dining room. He worries about feeding and clothing his children. They live on the bare minimum. In fact, it is humbling to see how they live and yet they content.

But there are times when they need help to even scrape by. Now is one of those times. Yom Tov is in the not too distant future and a son is engaged to be married. They cannot achieve those milestones without outside help.  

I ask you to help Bentzy because he doesn’t know how to ask for himself. He came in to America to try to collect funds to keep himself going. But he barely speaks English and doesn’t know too many people here. He is reduced to going around like a beggar, with his hand out in shuls and knocking on doors.

It is hard to conceive that a giant of this magnitude, who is touch with government leaders on a regular basis to help people; who drops everything on a moment’s notice to direct a search for a missing person; races to the scene of a terror attack to coordinate rescue activities; is the go-to guy for all sorts of help; that this person has to go around with his hand out is heart breaking.

Let’s help someone who always helps others, it is a tremendous zechus to help this family gain some dignity for themselves.




  1. Donate to this campaign…The amazing thing is they are only trying to raise $25,000! I’m sure he could use much more than that…This guy is amazing, I also always wondered who he is…

  2. Recently there was a search for a lady in Yerusahlayim on Shabbos Kodesh! She was B”H found!
    The entire search was spare headed by Sar Hachesed Reb Bentzy.
    No seuda, no shul, no family …he was out running the search Fri nite.!

    I spotted him on the street, as he was on his phone and working out search routes with the police, I walked over to him kissed his hand and wished him a gut Shabbos, & with his contagious smile he responded with a thick Yerushalmi accent “A GUT SHABBIS”

    What a special hero in our time!
    Please help him with whatever u can

  3. I had the privilege of knowing his father a”h a very sweet yid with a heart of gold who moved from America to Eretz Yisroel several decades ago and raised a beautiful chassidishe family in Yerushalayim.

  4. The article doesn’t do him justice. He is a baal chesed extraordinaire ‘Chad Bedara!
    I know him personally but I’m not a professional writer & so I can’t describe properly all his incredible chesed.
    He lives breathes chesed. He sleeps in his clothes so that his response time is quicker. He has been on every scene, every bombing, every emergency going back since zaka was established. He does chesed shel emes, acts that senior, police officers/investigators are unwilling to do. He has solved murder cases on scene that baffled police.
    Do any of you recall the three satmar bocherim a while back that drove to mearas hamachpela, took a wrong turn, ending up in Arab chevron? They were immediately attacked by a mob & nearly lynched on the spot. The Arabs burned their car,all the while stoning them. They escaped thru the window… Etc (Google it)
    Long story short. They tried calling police on their cell but the police woman did not speak English well.. Guess who saved their lives? Bentzi oiring!
    So Bentzi is in Jerusalem, they’re in chevron, how does he come in to the picture?
    Bentzi & family host every week for the Shabbos meal, dozens of bochurim! It gets better. Bentzi & family serve a whole meal to all these bocherim & only sit down and make their own meal after the bocherim are finished!
    These three bochurim who were seconds from being killed in chevron (no ‘guzma’!) ate by Bentzi on Shabbos so they call Bentzi, he calles his connections in the army & police & saved their lives!
    I saw him a couple of days ago in bp, & I bought him & his son (chassan) breakfast.
    Anyone who helps him is obtaining a zechus in his chasadim.


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