Rabbi Doniel Kalish: Jewish Blood is Not Cheap



  1. That they’re flying the flag half mast for the victims of Jersey City but not for other Mass murders is bound to cause anti-semitism

    that we don’t seem to notice a difference and others do will come across as galling

  2. Nice sentiments, but I’m not sure i get the connection of this suggested response to this terrible tragedy. Is he implying that it was “pirud levavos” and lack of respect for one another in Klal yisrael that led to such a punishment to our community that these tzaddikim were taken from us?

  3. cohen NB: Please state which mass murders you are referring to that involved residents of New Jersey or were victims in New Jersey where they didn’t lower the flags to half mast?

  4. Amazing shmooze!!!!

    He’s saying, to respond to a cheapening/ disrespect of yidden , we counter with extra respect for one another!

    Beautiful message


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