R’ Menachem Stark’s Killers May Have Come from Overseas

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menachem-starkNew York – R’ Menachem Stark was being followed for weeks before his tragic killing, sources now indicate.

Speaking to a New York newspaper, law enforcement personnel said that one of the attackers who kidnapped R’ Menachem was following him for two weeks before the kidnapping this past Thursday night on Rutledge Street in Williamburg, Brooklyn. The man was seen prowling in the silver Dodge minivan that was eventually used in the abduction. The van, first assumed not to have license plates, had Ohio plates, the sources claimed.

The van was spotted by Mrs. Stark outside her home a week before the abduction.

The assailant was seen in Williamsburg as early as December 19. Initial surveillance video shows another attacker, but sources now say that a third man may have been inside the van.

The new info comes from previously unseen surveillance video and witnesses who have come forth.

The sources say that the murderers may have come from overseas and are likely not Americans.

After the family increased the reward for info on the murder, police have been inundated with calls with tips on the case.

Police are working overtime, interviewing people along the route between Williamsburg and Great Neck, where R’ Menachem’s body was found in a dumpster.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Chasdei Hashem.. it seems like they’re finally getting somewhere with some leads, almost a full week after the incident. Let’s continue davening that the perpetrators are found and brought to justice really soon.

  2. New picture of suspect b’h. wonder where they hid that video all week…or why they are releasing it in the first place with one face covered…..hoping hoping this case is cracked soon

  3. Number9 : perhaps being a Monday night quarterback will not help…Shomrim did exactly what they needed to do. They did not wait, they gathered info, got videos and went to the NYPD and showed them the evidence…SO THAT THEY WILL TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND NOT WAIT THE AMOUNT OF TIME THEY USUALLY DO. Do you get that??????
    Do all of you Monday Nighters, get that?????

  4. Reading all of the coverage and concern about the murder I am wondering – a year ago today, A frum yid and his wife were found murdered in their condo in Florida. The motive was robbery. He was a baal chesed and baal tzedaka, she was an educator in a Jewish school, they were beloved in their community, with more than 1500 people coming to their levaya. I don’t recall seeing anywhere near this level of communal mourning on this site or in the frum media. Why? And there wasn’t even a hint of any negativity about either of them, in business or personal life.

  5. Rental cars often have plates from other states. The idea is that they might have landed at JFK/LAG/NEWARK and then rented the van. Guarantee you that investigators are looking into this.


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