Little Boy Shot By Terrorist “Miraculously” Survived

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6:30am, Simchat Torah morning. 

5 year old Natan* in Ofakim wakes up to sirens and distant gunshots. In a half-asleep haze, he sees a hooded figure walk through the hallway past his door. The figure, he will soon realize, is a terrorist.

Miraculously, Natan, his mother, and his sister were able to escape. His father and two brothers, however, were tragically killed.

Natan has been in the hospital for the past month, healing from his injuries. While running from the house, he was shot. 

Tomorrow, Natan comes “home” from the hospital. But home doesn’t look like what it used to. It’s a simple, mostly empty apartment further North where his family can be safe for now. None of Natan’s trucks are there, none of his toys, or books or clothes. None of his friends. And none of his murdered family. 

By donating to help families like Natan from Ofakim, many of whom are injured or lost loved ones, you can help them rebuild home. For now, that is the only comfort they can pray for. 

*Details changed to protect the family’s privacy