R’ Sholom Mordechai Will Make A Massive Seudas Hoda’ah To Celebrate One Year Since Being Released By President Trump

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Shalom Rubashkin, who was released from his 27-year sentence by President Donald Trump last Chanukkah will host Avraham Fried and a singing choir at a special and moving Seudas Hoda’ah.

Rubashkin, who was sentenced to 27 years in prison after being convicted by a spiteful judge against the prosecutor’s advise, was released after eight years with a pardon granted to him by President Trump. The liberation took place on Chanukkah, and thousands took to the streets to celebrate the miracle.

Now, a year later, a special event is planned to mark the anniversary of liberation. Rabbi Shalom will preside over the meal, which will be accompanied by the great  singer Avraham Fried and the Shira choir.

The unique event will take place in Brooklyn, on Sunday evening – the 2nd of Teves, the night of Zos Chanukah.



  1. maybe this would be better celebrated with family around a simple table without pump and extravaganza .
    Let us not forget we are in golus

  2. Bob – in response to “maybe this would be better celebrated with family around a simple table without pomp and extravaganza” – yes, we are in golus but there is a chiyuv of hoda’ah which according to our sources is best done among many people in order to publicize Hashem’s great chessed to as wide a tzibbur as possible. A korban todah has to be eaten within a short amount of time in order to obligate the person giving hoda’ah to invite many people to the feast for “pirsumei nisa”. There are 4 categories of people who bring a korban toda, one of which is release from prison. It’s true the korban is brought once and not yearly, but many people do have the minhag of celebrating a yeshua on its anniversary each year but individual yeshuos and communal ones (e.g. the various “Purims”). This doesn’t have to do with goyim – it has everything to do with us, that we should know that a yeshua comes only from Hashem and no one else. Reb Sholom’s saga is a stark reminder – and we need these reminders – that even though we are obligated to do hishtadlus, it is only going the the motions. Ein od milvado – Hashem is the only One who actually brings the yeshua through whatever means He chooses. Reb Sholom was released immediately after all legal recourses were unsuccessful and then he turned it over completely to the RBSH”O. That’s when it happened!

  3. I,as well as hundreds of others,had the privelege of meeting and hearing Reb Sholom Mordechai here in Antwerp last motse shabbos.In a total of three hours of listerning to him,not once did he refer to that roshanta judge who sentenced him.He focused only on his experiences in jail,how he constantly saw the Yad Hashem,how he refused to get depressed in many difficult situations,what an inspiring individual he is !!…..He repeatedly said that only ONCE during his eight and a half years inside,did he almost fall into yiush,otherwise he was constantly besimcho due to his unflinshing emunoh and bitachon….What a man !!!

  4. What are the chances of me, average Joe from Flatbush, actually getting a seat and food at the event? I don’t enjoy standing around hungry watching other people eat. I plan on attending regardless. We’ll see. I’ll report back to you after bl”n.

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