Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi: “Shame Is Murdering This Generation”



At a recent event in Jerusalem, beloved speaker Yemima Mizrachi told a heartwrenching story of an off-the-Derech man who was tragically killed at a young age. The man’s mother, comforted by Mizrachi at the shiva, recalled an event early in life when the boy was humiliated by a teacher: “That was the day my son was murdered.” The Rabbanit’s painful words rung out through the hall. “Today’s generation is being murdered by shame.” 

If there is any individual who might be expected to experience shame, it is Dini Rottenberg, a young woman living in Kiryat Sefer. Dini was one of ten children abandoned by her parents at a young age. One by one her siblings scattered across the country. Many of them left the path of Judaism entirely. Dini was taken in by a very special family, at the suggestion of Rav Shteinman zt”l. In the years that have since passed, she has blossomed into a strong, positive individual. Now a far cry from the girl who arrived “alone in the world,” she works with special needs children.

Now that Dini is a kallah, many of her old painful memories must be revisited. She has no parents or siblings to share in her simcha, and the Leibowitzes, though thrilled for her, have their own large family to care for. A hachnasas kallah fund has been opened on her behalf, to help Dini afford wedding staples, as well as basics for her first apartment. On a practical level, the couple lacks just about everything essential to their most basic needs. Beyond the ‘basics,’ however, remains something that, if we consider the perspective of Yemima Mizrachi, is perhaps even more essential: Their dignity.

Click here to escort this couple, with joy and without shame, to their chuppah.





  1. Right, it’s always the Rebbi/teachers fault. What an incompetent parent. Always blaming others for their own deficiencies. It’s parents like that lady, which proves, not every human are capable of raising children.

    • Some people work long hours to support their family and count on professionals to do professional jobs (and for all we know form this article, she could have been a single parent as the husband may have died). If the child needed an appendectomy and the parents took the child to the hospital – and the surgeons butchered that child and killed him from incompetence, would you then blame the parent or the surgeon? How do you justifiably rationalize the difference between the case of the surgeon and the case of the teacher?Aren’t teachers suppose to be just as professional?

  2. I would say it’s not the rebbe/teachers fault, but they have soo much potential to uplift the student and be THAT PERSON who can inspire and give the pick me up. The person who has the potential to uplift has the same potential to destroy…

  3. I’m a bit lost here.
    What has the Shiva to do with Dini who is a kalla?
    Humiliation is described by the Gemora is killing a person – but there is no information here what that has to do with sitting shiva for him.
    What has “Shame Is Murdering This Generation” to do with the shiva, or with Dini needing a wedding?
    A little more information would go a long way in explaining all this.

  4. We know nothing about the facts.

    Assuming the story is not invented, the mother is desperate and it is understandable that during shiva she talks like that about the teachers, whether there is truth to it or whether there is not. That we report this in such terms as a true fact, I do not think is correct. And even if (a huge IF) that teacher was wrong, can we blame him for all the evil in the whole universe?

    As to the young lady who is getting married, I do not see what this has to do with shame. Or is this an attempt to shame us into donating?

  5. What a convoluted way to appeal for money.
    Also, I love how Matzav will feature anyone with an opinion. THAT’S what’s killing this generation!

  6. if i would go off the derech every time i was shamed by my rabbeim i would be tattooed head to toe in a trailer park. The fact is its easy to blame anyone but the kid

  7. Blame is murdering this generation, also. This culture of blame and shaming began in the 60s and it’s in full throttle today. Start with your parents then teachers then your grocer and finally your house cleaner . Shame on blame!!!!!!!


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