Rabbi Abraham: ‘We’re Worried About The Labour Party, Not A Muslim Mayor’

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Rabbi Yonasan Abraham, the head of London’s rabbinic court and Vice President of the European Jewish Congress, responded to news that Muslim Labour UK candidate Sadiq Khan had been certified winner of London’s mayoral election, Arutz Sheva reports.

“We’re worried more by the fact that a Labour man was chosen than the fact that he is a Muslim,” said Rabbi Abraham. “The Labour Party concerns us, since there are people within it who have shown themselves to be very hateful of Israel. We also have to remember that Labour is a left-wing party, one which is headed by [Jeremy] Corbyn, a left-wing radical; in that sense the party supports less fortunate sectors of the population and the poor, and favors providing extensive [welfare] benefits to people at the lower end of the socio-economic scale. In that sense, I think that as the mayor-elect, Khan actually may be able to do a great deal for the less-fortunate.

“The fact that Sadiq Khan is a member of a minority group is a good thing, and there’s no reason to worry about him discriminating against the Jewish community in any way, God forbid.”



  1. Rabbi Abraham nailed it. The right-wing anti-Semitism of Jean-Marie Le Pen has been repudiated strongly but unfortunately left-wing anti-Semitism seems to have gained a secure hold in Britain’s Labour party. The basic human decency that Labourite Tony Blair exhibited seems, unfortunately, to be lost.

  2. 1) It was pretty awfully foolish for a jewish candidate to turn the election into a referendum on identity politics
    2) Better to have a Tzaddik (Sadiq in pakistani)for the mayor, than another frei jew

  3. R. Abraham is a dayan on the London Beth Din. The Av Beth Din is the Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Mirvis, and the Rosh Beth Din is Rabbi Gelley.


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