Rabbi Avraham Zuckerman z”l

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rabbi-avraham-zuckermanRabbi Avraham Zuckerman zt“l, the oldest leader of the Religious-Zionist community and rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Bnei Akiva, passed away last night at the age of 98 at his home in Kfar Haroeh following a hospitalization.

Rabbi Zuckerman was born in Lita in 1915 and moved to Eretz Yisroel in 1936, founding Yeshiva Bnei Akiva three years later together with Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neria.

He was the author of sefer Luchos Even al haTorah.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Rivkah Zuckerman, their five children, three dozen grandchildren and over one hundred great-grandchildren.

Kevurah will take place today at the Kfar Haroeh bais hachaim.

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