Rabbi Berach Steinfeld Assumes Position of KIC Monitor

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\The Vaad Hapoel of the Kashrus Information Center (KIC) in Brooklyn, Rav Shloime Mandel and Rav Aharon Gulkowitz, Co-chairmen, announced that monitoring of the kashrus standards of the Flatbush food establishments will continue with the appointment of Rabbi Berach Steinfeld as the KIC monitor.

Rabbi Steinfeld joins the KIC after the retirement of Rav Moshe Weiner, who served as the KIC monitor for the last 19 years.

“His service, although perhaps not well known, was singularly responsible for the uplifting of kashrus standards in Flatbush,” said the KIC in a statement. “We wish Rav Weiner well and thank him for his long years of service.”

Rabbi Steinfeld brings with him many years of kashrus hashgocho experience and is considered one of the foremost experts on products and standards in kashrus.

“It is hoped that Rabbi Steinfeld will continue the legacy of KIC in assuring that the standards of the hechsherim are followed by the establishments,” stated the KIC. “As in the past, consumers will be able to address their kashrus concerns to their Rabbonim. Rabbonim, in turn, will be able to speak to Rabbi Steinfeld to obtain the relevant information to share with their mispallelim.”



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