Rabbi Distraught Over Anti-Semitic Graffiti


rhinebeck-graffitiDays after the Village of Rhinebeck was nothing but ecumenical with the marriage of Chelsea Clinton, a Methodist, to Marc Mezvinsky, a Jew, anti-Semitism has raised its ugly head. A stop sign in the village had graffiti written on it that said: [STOP sign] “The [Star of David] Beast.”To say local Rabbi Hanoch Hecht is upset would be an understatement.

“Here we are educating our children for so many different things, of love and caring, yet here in your own backyard, you have this. So, it is a little bit worrisome and hurtful,” he said.

Rhinebeck Village Police told the rabbi that they found the graffiti Wednesday morning and notified him of it later in the day. Their investigation into the hate crime is continuing.

{Mid-Hudson News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The lesson is as clear as day – no matter how hard you try to be like ‘them’, ‘them’ just doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.
    Halach-Eisav Soneh Es Yaakov…

  2. …Not!

    Not so much ‘no matter how hard you try” but more:

    The HARDER YOU TRY, THE HARDER they reject!!

    One of the most basic if not the most basic rule in the creation!!

  3. I generally limit my use of the H word, and teach my talmidim and children the same. It is reserved for sinas ha’akum, not beets, e.g.
    If they think they hate us then they do not know the meaning of hate. For, what I feel towards akum would make their hatred seem like ahava.

  4. I dont understand why the Rabbi is so upset, why make a shtink,so the guy hates you, who cares its not like you can do anything to change that, and its not like you should want those type of ppl to be your friends so who cares? Why every time something like this happen do certain ppl suffer nervous breakdowns, what exactly bothers them. They should be focused on making themselves better ppl doing mitvos and learning torah, not on being friends with these ppl, thats not what its about.
    P.S. but don’t tell that to the modern or other sects of judiasm.


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