Rabbi Dovid Raskin z”l

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rabbi-dovid-raskinRabbi Dovid Raskin, one of the most prominent Chabad chassidim of  the last generation, passed away on Tuesday. He was 84.

A devoted and energetic Chossid, Rabbi Raskin played a key role as Chairman of the Central Lubavitch Youth Organization (Tzach), spearheading efforts to bring Jews from all walks of life back to their heritage. He was also the Spiritual Director of the Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch.

He was born in 5687 to his parents R’ Yaakov Yosef and Draiza Raskin. His family is remembered for living with and serving Rav Levi Yitzchak Schneerson during his last days in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

He was married to Chava Elka (nee Feder) who passed away 24 years ago.

Their children were Baila Devora Raskin OBM, Shterna Sara Klein OBM (who passed away last week), Rivka Raskin – Crown Heights, Chaya Mushka Pearson OBM, R’ Yitzchak Raskin – Crown Heights and Devonya Rubin – Crown Heights.

He is also survived by 12 grandchildren of the  Pearson, Rubin and Klein families and 8 great-grandchildren of the families Seewald, Farrons and Klein.

He is survived by his sister Mrs. Tzivia Bravman of Kfar Chabad, Israel, and brother R’ Sholom Ber Raskin of London, England.

The funeral will take place today, Wednesday, leaving Shomrei Hadas Chapels at 9:45 am.

He will be buried in the Old Montefiore Cemetery in Queens.

The family will be sitting Shiva at the Rubin residence – 1535 President Street, Brooklyn, NY 11213.

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  1. A true chosid and tzadik. He suffered tremendous yisurim and was always mekabel them be’ahavo. Gashmius and all things not relating to kedusha had no meaning to him. his whole life was all ruchnius. his devotion to his Rebbe zt”l was legendery.
    yehi zichroi boruch

  2. To start with, he was born in the former soviet union! He managed to leave with his parents to England and the USA. he was the founder in 1950’s, under the leadership of the Lubavitcher rebbe Tz’l, Tzach! An org.that encourages the minute of silence in school of NY, for Jewish children to learn yiddishkeit. He was the Rebbe’s bal korah and go to man for anything the Lubavitcher Rebbe want the kehillah to do. His neshamah should have the highest aliyah possible and Beyaz golel Tzadac, Ticaf umyad MAMosh!

  3. I know the Raskin family, wonderful wonderful Yidden. I’m sorry for the loss of this generous upright Yid from the world, may his memory be a blessing.

    Hamakom yinachem eschem b’soch shiar aveilei Tzion v’Yerushalayim.


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