Rabbi Genack Backs Hillary for President, Says Her “Life and Mind Are Truly Exceptional,” “There is No One I Trust More”

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Menachem GenackRabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of the Orthodox Union’s kosher division and rov of Congregation Shomrei Emunah in Englewood, N.J., has announced that he will back Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election.

In an op-ed published in the Jewish Week, Rabbi Genack wrote that as we take note of all the dangers that surround us, “we realize how important it is for the next president to embrace American exceptionalism with pride. Hillary Clinton is the candidate who will best express the grandeur and bear the responsibility of American exceptionalism.”

Genack explains that he is an advocate for her based on his personal experience, as he has known Hillary personally for years. In 1994, Rabbi Genack was invited to accompany the Clintons to witness the signing of the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan.

“I came to realize that she has an extraordinary intellect, an open mind, a clear vision for the United States, and a deeply rooted friendship with Israel and the American Jewish community,” Rabbi Genack claims.

With the threat from radical Islam and the risks posed by a resurgent Iran, Rabbi Genack says, the United States “needs a foreign policy that will use all of the tools in our power to address these threats. With Hillary Clinton as president, I believe America will be engaged in the world — and to great effect. She can and will be the leader who will apply deep strategic thinking to deal with the foreign policy issues confronting us. She will put America at the forefront of world leadership.”

He says the US needs a president “who will mobilize American power, strategy and policy to ensure that the Iran nuclear deal does not simply become a cover for Iran’s pursuit of nuclear arms. As president, Clinton will take the necessary action to protect against these risks.”

From the Senate floor to the Situation Room, says Genack, “Clinton has proven to be a true friend of Israel. She has spent decades developing and nurturing relationships with Israeli leaders that would continue if she becomes president.”

Rabbi Genack shares a personal incident about Hillary Clinton that, he says, demonstrates her extraordinary qualities: “Some years ago, when I introduced a friend of mine, Jamie Fox, New Jersey’s former commissioner of transportation, to then-Sen. Clinton, she said to him, ‘I recently saw your name quoted in an op-ed piece about port security by [Republican Sen.] Lindsey Graham.’ I was stunned by her capacity to absorb information, to recall it and put it to use. The incident also brought home her ability to build working relationships. Sen. Graham was one of the managers of the trial to impeach former President Clinton. And yet, Hillary Clinton subsequently worked with the senator on pressing issues, including port security.”

Rabbi Genack says Hillary is “a woman whose life and mind are truly exceptional; she will personify American exceptionalism. There is no one I trust more, and no one better suited than she to keep a level head, protect Israel’s best interests, and lead our country through these trying times.”

Interestingly, Rabbi Genack’s op-ed makes no mention of his book, Letters to President Clinton, which is a collection of 15 years of correspondence  between Rabbi Genack and former President Bill Clinton. The two first met when Clinton was beginning his road to the White House. As their friendship deepened, Genack started sending Clinton brief essays highlighting spiritual insights from the Torah to help him navigate difficult decisions and issues. During his second term, the president asked Rabbi Genack to write the pieces more regularly and formally, and the rabbi invited acquaintances to contribute. The book  features a foreword by Bill Clinton.

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  1. It appears he does not remember all the words Mrs. Clinton used to support Israel when she was a senator from New York and then promptly turned her back on Israel when she became Secretary of State. Mrs. Clinton appears to be just an opportunist. I fear she is not to be trusted.

  2. “Her life and mind are truly exceptional”.
    So much so, that she is willing to email you any private information that you want!!
    I would trust any other candidate mor than her.
    She doesn’t fully understand the dangers of Isis, and lacks proper strategy.

  3. Really, Ms. Clinton is not a bad bet. Her ideas on commerce and American Prosperity meet human educational approval. She can be fierce and she would indeed be an interest of history for being the first female president of the United States of America.

    Still, if she can break the glass ceiling and find a good place in history, ask yourself if Hashem has a place in history for many barriers to human achievement to be broken.

    I surmise that if the glass ceiling is broken, so too could the Gelt Ceiling be broken. We might indeed even have a jewish president in the future. (maybe however it would be a Torah jew and not a Bernie Sanders treif eater and loser on the Sabbath). Still, I have hopes G-d has a good sense of humor and whatever happens in this election, we are not stuck with Trump.

    4 years of hate and unimaginable negligence is not what we ever need.

    Hillary in 2016? I am ok with that I guess.

  4. This is an old story. Rabbi Genack said the same nice things about her back in 08. He is related to her through her Grandfather, Max Rosenberg.

  5. he’s hedging his bets that she’s gonna be president (not so unlikely) and wants to be in good standing of (possible) future president of USA (not a bad idea!) its called REALPOLITIC

  6. Rabbi Genack Backs Hillary for President, Says Her “Life and Mind Are Truly Exceptional,” “There is No One I Trust More”.

    WOW! Wmisplaced trust and lack of proper judgement

    What a shame.

  7. I agree with 9 and 10. This is not a policy decision based endorsement
    His negius is limited to him and should not be a reason for him to endorse her candidacy.
    Trump is no picnic either. Today, he is anti Muslim and on our team. If you substitute the word Muslim with the word Jew, it would be reminiscent of Europe in the 1930s. Who is to say when an opportunistic businessman will find it beneficial to turn on the jews. Dangerous man. Furthermore, Trump is completely unelectable. Whereas he has the highest current approval rating of all Republican candidates, he also has the highest disapproval rating. If nominated, a large percent of Republicans will vote with their feet and stay home, hence, unelectable.
    There are no other viable Democratic candidates.
    On the Republican side, Carson seems to have faded into oblivion, and Bush never got out of the starting gate. That leaves Rubio and Cruz as the only viable remaining candidates. Cruz attracts a fringe element and has turned off the average Republican voter with his unreliable voting record in the Senate. Even if nominated, it is unlikely that the establishment will line up behind him , much like Trump.
    Rubio is likely the most electable Republican in a general election. He is young, handsome and has Hispanic routes. Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic group in the United States. They carry significant weight in swing states such as Florida, where Rubio has a built in home court advantage.
    His fiscally conservative record and foreign policy statements will play well to a conservative base, and to a country that is starving for a leader that will not continue to bow to foreign pressure from Iran, Russia and terrorism. His Israel policy is in line with the typical Republican voter.
    It’s a tough road to the convention, but he is the man most likely able to defeat Hillary.

  8. I cannot believe a frum person, let alone a rav, say such unadulterated naarishkeit. Hillary is a woman who has no morals, no conscience, no policy – she has one guiding light and that’s her insatiable hunger for power and honor. She leans left now because she thinks that’s the way to the WH. If she thought outflanking Huckabee on the right would do her well, she’d be there in an instant.
    Rabbi Genak, please, have rachmanus on klal yisrael, have rachmanus on the country, and if you have any clout by people to convince them how to vote, try to push someone who will raise the moral plane in the country i.e. abortion, toeva marriages, etc. We are supposed to be a light for the nations; how could we endorse someone who is so anti everything we believe in?!?!?

  9. To those who call Clinton a liar:

    Politifact looked at her major statements over the past year and rated 28% of them as mostly false, false, or pants on fire. But for Carson, Trump, and Cruz the numbers were 84%, 76%, and 66% respectively. You cannot oppose Clinton because of her dishonesty if you support any of those three unless you want to be intellectually dishonest yourself.

  10. Few people are nicer than Rabbi Genack, one of the finest people and talmidei chachomim you can ever meet. But this endorsement is a head-scratcher.

  11. Well said, Seichel Hayashar (#16). Our gedolim have repeatedly told us not to support the Democrats because they support everything that goes against the Torah’s values. How can Rabbi Genack or any Orthodox rabbi have the audacity to support a woman who openly and proudly supports toeva and the LGBT lifestyle?

    Also, has the OU condemned YCT or Riskin?

    I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised about this endorsement.


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