RABBI GOOGLE: More Religious Zionists Asking Shailos to Google Than Rabbonim


According to a survey conducted among 400 religious Zionists, more of them seek answers to shailos with the Google search engine than direct their questions to rabbonim.

In response to the question, “When you have a regular halachic shailah, what do you do first?” 49 percent answered, “I look for an answer on the internet,” while only 34.8 percent said, “I ask my regular rov.”

Among respondents aged 30 and younger, 53 percent said that they have a regular rov to whom they feel comfortable to address their shailos.

{Matzav.com Israel}


  1. interesting. my friend’s smart phone includes bentshing. when you open the benching, the phone asks you to make sure too much time has not elapsed since the time you last ate. it even subtracts from the time you opened the bentshing and says make sure you have eaten since x o’clock. someone seeing this said: oh my, your phone even has a rav in it!

  2. I think this is the case for most people with a smart phone; whether religious or not, chassidish or litvish, modern orthodox or zionistic.

  3. Google will give you a choice of answers to your shailos. You can choose which answer to accept. If you ask a Rabbi he will give you one answer and you must accept it,

  4. When I was asked the same question by a poll taker, I told him that I can not answer that question until I find out whether I am permitted to answer that question. When the poll taker asked me who I plan on asking my question to, I replied, ” My Rebbi, Reb Google, of course”!

  5. you are saying they RELY on what google displays
    i know if you look for a Passuk in english google provides reform and crisian sites
    your luck if you get Chabbad
    google is known as a hater of Jews especially Religious Jews
    why would Jews RELY on google


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