Rabbi Hauer: American Jews Need The Connection To Israel Desperately

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Rabbi Moshe Hauer, the Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Union (OU), addressed the Arutz Sheva Jerusalem Conference in New York City on Sunday.

Arutz Sheva reports that when asked about the ongoing tensions in Israel between the secular and religious communities, and what he would say to American Jews who want to support Israel, Rabbi Hauer responded, “The tensions are indeed a concern. We recognize that these issues have persisted for a considerable period and some progress has been made. It is a misrepresentation to suggest that the vast majority, except for the extreme factions, desire to impose their way of life on others. There are some individuals who may express divergent views, and this is significantly detrimental to the majority. We must strive for mutual understanding.”

He further emphasized, “American Jews yearn for a meaningful connection with Israel. Today, I marched up Fifth Avenue alongside numerous others, including the Governor of New York. Surprisingly, I encountered someone from the Jewish communal sphere who I thought would be protesting. We witnessed a majority of Jews from diverse backgrounds marching, along with a small group of very vocal protesters.”

When asked about the tendency of both the right and left wings to seek international support and air their grievances in English, Rabbi Hauer remarked, “In the current situation, this has had serious consequences from which I hope we can recover.”

“While it is natural to have differences of opinion, the exaggerated political discourse occurring on the other side of the ocean is causing significant harm. When leaders claim that Israel is no longer a democracy, it can deeply impact the connection American Jews have with Israel. If such claims were proportionate, we might join in their concern, but the issue has been blown out of proportion, and it is causing severe damage. Our connection to Israel is crucial, and this situation is undermining it greatly.”



  1. The connection to Israel will come automatically with the coming of Moshiach bimhera and the eradication of the Zionists, destroyers of the Torah and the Land of Israel.

  2. Israel lost their connection with Jews here after his severe and inhumane lockdowns and the push to vaccinate millions of Israelis. I lost respect for Bibi and the Israeli govt. long time ago.

    • Mr midget. Stay in NYC. U are naive and negative, and an anti vaxxer. Hashim yismor. U are the opposition and stand for nothing but being a crybaby. Wah!


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