Rabbi Leibish Greenbaum OB”M

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Last week a tragedy happened!

Leibish Greenbaum, a cherished family man, a kind and tremendously generous yid, and a dear member of our community, suddenly passed away!

Aside from the tremendous shock to his loved ones and the entire community, Leibish was the sole breadwinner for his family and special ed grandchildren.

Sadly, the financial constraints of the pandemic ate through the family’s safety net leaving them with very little to live off of. The family’s main source of income is now gone.

With Chagim right around the corner, back to school, and the struggles of daily bills, the family is in dire need of support. We turn to you, Am Yisroel, at this vulnerable time and ask for a helping hand! Please help!

We cannot do this without you, but we CAN do this with you!

May you and yours be blessed for a Kesiva Ve’Chasima Tova!

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