Rabbi Lerner: Obama Appointees Prevent Pollard From Completing Parole In Israel

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Former US President Barack Obama is to blame for the US Justice Department’s rejection of an official request from Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to allow Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard to serve out the remainder of his parole time in Israel, sources close to Pollard told The Jerusalem Post.

Netanyahu had been working for months with the US Justice Department to try and ensure Pollard’s transfer to Israel. The Justice Department said the request was denied, due to “the severity of Pollard’s crimes.”

However, National Council of Young Israel executive vice president emeritus Rabbi Pesach Lerner provided a different explanation. “This bureaucratic solution was acceptable to all, as a means to finally put an end to the Pollard issue and allow the 33-year-old wounds to heal,” Lerner said. “The people [who]…deny that request are Obama era holdovers and the same people who have created the severe restrictions that Pollard, while on parole, must live with.” Read more: The Jerusalem Post



  1. What a racist this Rabbi is! How dare he blame our first African-American President. If President Obama was Caucasian, he would never make such outlandish accusations. President Obama was the greatest friend Israel ever had.


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