Rabbi Levanon: We Need National ‘Price Tag’


rabbi-elyakim-levanonRabbi Elyakim Levanon, the rov of Shomron communities and head of the Elon Moreh yeshiva, took part in a rally Tuesday at the Tapuach Junction, where earlier in the day a young father was murdered by a Palestinian Authority resident terrorist.

The government must institute a national “price tag,” he said. “Defense is in the government’s hands, not the citizens’ hands.”

“I hear there’s a new trend to deal with the ‘price tag’ issue,” he said. “That’s our problem? Price tag?”

“If the government would take real ‘price tag’ steps, like it should do, and knows how to do, citizens wouldn’t have to do ‘price tag.’ I’m against ‘price tag,’ I’m not afraid to say so, but ‘price tag’ is a direct result of the fact that there is no government ‘price tag,'” he argued.

“Price tag” is the term used for vandalism or assaults in which Israelis target Arab property or IDF soldiers in response to terrorism or the demolition of Jewish outposts.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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