Rabbi Mosey Kaplan to Join Camp Govoah

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moseyRabbi Mosey Kaplan, a renowned chinuch personality and speaker, will be joining Camp Govoha this summer, Matzav.com has learned. Rabbi Kaplan, of Lakewood, NJ, is known for his brilliant mind, wit and humor. Whether at Chavrei Hakollel of Lakewood or in other positions and capacities, Reb Mosey has used his myriad talents to bring forth simcha and a love for Yiddishkeit from all who have come in contact with him. His experience in camping will also benefit him in his new role as division head and head of night activity in Camp Govoha.

Rabbi Kaplan joins a staff of stars including Harav Menachem Mintz, rov of Camp Govoha and rov of Lakewood’s Coventry Shul; Rabbi Shea Ryback of Torah Umesorah, who runs Camp Govoha’s August Mesivta Matziv; Rabbi Mordy Neiman of Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion, and others. Camp Govoah is run by Rabbi Teichman and the head counselor, Rabbi Leibel Karmel (seen in photo above).

{Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. We’ll miss you Mosey! Funny how the article doesn’t even mention your main experience in Na’arim/Bonim….
    Though you are a bit of traitor :-), we hope you’ll come visit your old friends of many years!
    Much Hatzlacha!

    Camp Bonim

  2. The article forgets to mention who is the real matzav, its reb mosey who is rabbi matzav chaper himself


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