Rabbi Moshe Averick Challenges Jewish Shauli Grossman to Debate

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rabbi-moshe-averickRabbi Moshe Averick, author of Nonsense of High Order: The Confused and Illusory World of the Atheist has challenged Mr. Shauli Grossman, a formerly observant Jew who promotes atheism, to a public debate.

The rabbi became aware of Mr. Grossman’s anti-Orthodox views when Grossman appeared on the Dr. Phil Show. That particular episode addressed a mother who left the Orthodox community and her custody struggle. Shauli Grossman was asked for his opinion and used the platform to attack Orthodox Judaism in general, and the woman’s Chassidic community, in particular.  It appears that Rabbi Averick suspected an ulterior motive that went beyond the custody issue discussed on the show. Mr. Grossman seemed to have a personal agenda and was using the custody controversy and the mother’s suffering to promote his ideology to a national audience.

Rabbi Averick did a little research and found Mr. Grossman’s Facebook page. Under “People Who Inspire Me, Grossman proudly listed “new atheist” ideologues such as Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Richard Dawkins. He also listed “the shul [synagogue] of the flying spaghetti monster” under his religious views, thereby mocking his previous Orthodox lifestyle.

In a column for the April 1 edition of Algemeiner.com, Rabbi Averick challenged Mr. Grossman to defend his atheistic ideology in public.  In comments to the article and on Mr. Grossman’s Facebook page, he responded that while he would “gladly debate theology versus atheism any day of the week,” he preferred doing so by email out of the public view. Mr. Grossman’s bravado aside, it appears that he is afraid to defend his position in public for fear of losing. It is one thing to say something on national television and quite another to debate someone who is familiar with an atheist’s false arguments and distortions.

Rabbi Averick, who has been teaching Jewish philosophy for over 30 years,  responded to Mr Grossman’s offer to debate out of the public view “I had in mind a formal head to head debate” . As of this week, Mr. Grossman so far refused to face Rabbi Averick or the community in a public forum.

See the full article here.

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  1. I did invite/challenge Shauli Grossman to a debate about atheism and the existence of God, specifically on the topic of whether from a scientific point of view the Origin of Life requires a creator. However, I think anyone who read the original article on Algemeiner.com (http://www.algemeiner.com/2012/04/01/dr-phil-shauli-grossman-ex-hassidim-and-the-true-path-to-enlightenment/ will see that the tone of the article was different than the way it was portrayed above.

    Mr. Grossman and I are currently trying to work out a proper protocol and format for a debate – but I wanted the readers to check out the original article for a balanced view.

    Chag Sameach, Moshe Averick

  2. Let the rabbi do it by e-mail if he is so sure he can win based on his arguments. Winning debates does not mean you are right. Public debating is a skill, if one knows how do do it he could win a public debate arguing that the world is flat.

    Let them both exchange emails clearly stating and responding to each others beliefs and then let the public see them and decide

  3. I don’t think we should not be mocking this guy. He probably has serious life problems, we shouldn’t prejudge him.

  4. In response to #7-


    Why would you think that Grossman’s IQ is low? Actually, its most likely pretty high- Athiests in general are smart people- perhaps, too smart which is what causes them to have doubts about the existence of God.

  5. If Grossman is really intellectually honest, he should also debate Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi of Monsey, New York. He can readily be found via Google. I dare him to do so.

  6. To All and specifically to Abedef,

    Mr. Grossman has accepted my invitation to debate on whether or not Origin of Life requires a creator. We discussed the point you raised and are setting up a format that will allow the substantive issues to be discussed in such a way that will neutralize this being nothing more than an excercise in debating skills.

    As far as presenting arguments in emails, I have already written an entire book on the subject and have published many articles explaining my position. Besides DR. Meyer’s book, Signature in the Cell, the Discovery Inst. website is filled with articles on the subject. I have not gone through every post on Shauli Grossman’s Facebook page but I imagine he has stated his opinion on a number of different occasions.

    There is already plenty of material out there in virtual reality if people are not interested in seeing a live debate. If it does not interest you, you are free not to watch. Chag Sameach.

  7. a debate with someone like dawkins or the late hitchens would be interesting. a debate with a not very smart kid who can’t speak proper english would just be stupid.

  8. Good job! It’s about time someone bang this nonsense out of these people. It’s a shame that most young frum Jews are not educated in these areas, which, in my opinion, is the reason behind most of these dropout cases. It’s also frustrating that it takes so long for someone to answer back, which makes it look like those losers have a valid point. The proof of G-d and the Torah is irrefutable by even the greatest skeptic! The STRONGEST non-belivers walk out of Aish Hatorah and Ohr Sameiach as rock solid believers! And a young chassidishe kid wakes up one day with doubts because he was never shown the simple and blatant truth? Heartbreaking! Da ma shetashiv l’apikores!


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