Rabbi Moshe Kushner z”l

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rabbi-moshe-kushnerIt is with great sadness that we report the passing of Rabbi Moshe Kushner z”l, the Executive Director of the Chicago Rabbinical Council and a member of the Rabbinical Council of America.

Rabbi Kushner grew up in Chicago, Illinois, graduating from Ida Crown Jewish Academy, participating in the Bnei Akiva Hachshara Program in Israel, and receiving a B.A. from Loyola University.

Rabbi Kushner received semichah from Hebrew Theological College/Skokie Yeshiva, where he later taught Hebrew and Tanach at Fasman Yeshiva High School.

Rabbi Kushner remained very involved in working with children and teens throughout his life. Not only did he he teach junior high and high school students in a classroom setting, but he was the director of Camp Moshava in Wild Rose, Wisconsin, for 27 years. Rabbi Kushner shared his wisdom and experience in planning, recruitment, and improvements in the facility and overall program.

In 1997, Rabbi Kushner joined the staff of the Chicago Rabbinical Council. He oversaw kashrus for trucking companies, including supervising truck and train washes. He was the Pesach Coordinator, which entailed compiling, arranging, and distributing the annual cRc Pesach Guide, ensuring that cRc companies are properly certified for Pesach, and guaranteeing that all cRc Jewish-owned companies sell their chometz. Rabbi Kushner also established a kosher seminar program to assist dieticians at major hospitals to arrange and handle kosher food for their Jewish patients.

In 2000, Rabbi Kushner became the executive director of the Chicago Rabbinical Council and implemented many exciting and innovative programs. He was particularly proud of designing the kashrus booth used at food shows across the country; designing the Spotlight on Chicago, an annual guide to Orthodox life in the Chicago area; revamping and continuing to print the Chadashot, the bi-monthly cRc newsletter; creating the Rav Gedalia Dov Schwartz Beth Din Chamber, including its design and obtaining books for its library; and establishing the cRc annual shaimos geniza, which takes place at Camp Moshava during the Three Weeks

Kushner also coordinated myriad programs for Chicago area rabbonim, overseeing the daily running of the cRc office, and always looking for new opportunities to help the Chicago community and cRc members.

Rabbi Kushner was a mohel for over 20 years and was proud to be able to serve the frum community.

Rabbi Kushner is survived by his wife, Sylvia, their four children and five grandchildren.

The levaya will take place today, at 1 p.m., at Congregation KINS, located at 2800 West North Shore Avenue in Chicago.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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  1. wonderful memories from camp,Rabbi K brought thousands of kids from Midwest with limited access to yiddishkeit and was responsible for them becoming shimmer Shabbos and mitzvos yehi zichro boruch

  2. he was a legend in camp even after he retired from moshava he was stilll so close to it. he had a way of making people feel so special and brought so many young people closer to yiddishkeit.

  3. Rabbi Kushner was an elementary school rebbe of mine. Always had a twinkle in his eye. Taught with wamth, caring, much humor and was always lebedig. He made chumash and halacha interesting. In camp he stirred up the ruach and gave kids a summer of nonstop fun. may his family have a nechama.

  4. My wife Esther & I first met Rabbi Moishe Kushner at the World Wide Kosher Pesach get-a-way program, where he served to coordinate activities. We were privileged to be seated at his table. We had the feeling that no matter what problems were swirling around Moishe, everything was OK when it was in his capable hands.

    Moishe not only carried out his duties capably but he did so with good humor. We came to know that these characteristics were true in all of his endeavors.

    His dedication to yiddishkeit was evident in everything he did. Men with his qualities are gems within our midst. We, along with you, will miss him.

  5. To my cousin who was one of my savyours. He will be in my heart forever and ever. As when my mother passed away he was the excuter of the will as well as her best friend. He was the only one who came when I called as I was alone and scared. My own father wouldnt even come. He took care of everything and would not allow me to see her as he was worried and did not want me to remeber that and remember her for whaty she was and not is at that specifc time. He will be in my heart always and forever as I feel like I lost someone more then my cousin, but the father I truely never ever had……


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