Rabbi: Obama Is a Blessing

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obama3For your information, Obama was sent from Heaven.

When President Barack Obama won in 2008, many saw the election as historic. His supporters saw it as rare opportunity to usher in a new era in American politics and citizenship.

Instead, even Democrats will agree, partisanship in Washington, DC is on the rise, the economy has a long road ahead for recovery and “hope has been tested,” as Obama said at his convention speech.

But one rabbi, known for staunch right-wing opinions, sees the President as “an emissary of the Divine Providence.”

The often confrontational Israeli Chabad Rabbi Dovid Meir Drukman, Rabbi of the Haifa suburb of Kiryat Motzkin, has penned a sarcastic op-ed about Israel-U.S. relations.

In the article, Rabbi Drukman said he saw the reported rift between the 2 countries over how to deal with a nuclear ambitious Iran as a blessing in disguise.

Haaretz said Obama had rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request for a meeting in Washington next week – a report White House spokesman Tommy Vietor denies, saying no such request was made or rejected.

Netanyahu criticized what he called the world’s failure to spell out what would provoke a U.S.-led military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities and the lack of “red lines” being set for Tehran, AP reported.

“Let us give thanks to Obama and his cronies who are only leading us to fulfil what it says “Blessed is the man who trusts in Hashem and whose hope Hashem is”,” Drukman quoted from Jeremiah 17:7.

The rabbi went on to mention the ancient Egyptian King Pharaoh that our sages said has “brought the hearts of Israel to their father in heaven. The wicked Pharaoh was the emissary to awaken the Jews to do teshuva.”

“The “sincere friendship” (of the nations of the world) is being exposed as to what they really mean –Heaven forbid and may it never occur– to throw us to the dogs,” he said.

Rabbi Drukman mentioned a story of a Chassidic doctor who purposely hesitated to respond to a medical emergency which he saw was not curable, leading the patient’s daughter to cry out to G-d for help.

“America, our ‘good friend’ and only support in a natural way, is indifferent to our situation and is revealed as a broken reed,” he wrote. “We are left alone as one sheep among 70 wolves.”


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  2. of course he’s a blessing, hes a straight messenger from Hashem to put america into the hands of a muslim i.e. bnei Yishmael, who will be the last ones to fight klal yisroel before Mashiach comes

    regarding Obama her are 2 shocking messages Straight from Hashem about him

    1)President Barack (Husaine) Obama is what we need for moshiach to come. You see before Moshiach comes the whole entire world is going to be against Israel & the jews. Now, you can’t just have President Bush & the United States go against Israel, you need a Muslim i.e. Bnei Yishmael to rule America & THEN go against Israel. The way Judaism works is that if your mother is jewish then you are jewish. Muslims are just the opposite, if your father is Muslim then you are a Muslim & that is what Barack Obama is. (a Muslim from his fathers side) Now with America under Muslim/Bnei Yishmael rulership Moshiach can come.

    2)President Barack (Husaine) Obama is the 44th President of the USA. The numerical value of his last name is 44. The 44th word in the Torah is Choshech (Dark). It says the word Eved (servant) 44 times in the torah & the numerical value of Dam (Bloodshed) is also 44. Now we can & should get ready for the Bloodshed of Milchemes Gog U’Magog before Mashiach comes. Hold yourselves in as he negotiates with terrorists, as the relationship between Israel & America is slowly separating (in president Obama’s inauguration speech he welcomed in every terrorist country from Iraq to Iran etc… & told them if you join America & expand the land then we will assist you in all our programs AKA Social Security, Medicaid, HUD Foodstamps etc…)

    if anyone wants to get shocking messages from Hashem (i.e. messages you couldn’t find in seforim or in the newspaper neither could it be from me. i dont think i’m a Rosh yeshiva, rav or Navi) straight to their email. feel free to email me at [email protected] (the movement Hashem needs & awaits from us daily before he sends Mashiach b’karov)

  3. Israelis need to know that if push comes to shove, under this president, they will receive only lip service. This president is no friend to Israel and is a “broken reed”.

  4. The fact is Obama has the Right Words. The words he speaks are the words that bring the future. His words are no different than many great leaders including Reagan, Lincoln, Jefferson and all of the relevant spoken people in history whose words are still relevant today as they were yesterday.

    This is a fact. I am not 100% interested in listening to his every comment, but when I hear Mr. Obama speak, I have a faith that he was chosen for his job.

    And if you want to decypher the future, work to find the trusted allies of our King. They are many.

  5. That is correct! Obama will be the next President of the USA, because that is what Hashem wants. America began its decline (like the other GREAT EMPIRES OF THE WORLD) and Obama is there to keep it moving downwards. It is time for Jews in the USA to WAKEUP!!!! Lack of Emuna in Hashem, keeps you in America. Whatever you think about the State of Israel, is probably true, but for years I have been telling people, what an Aliya of 1 millions Jews (to start), what impact it will be, for the BETTER. COME HOME!!! I tell people, we will all eventually come to Israel, but under whose TERMS. Let it be UNDER YOUR TERMS. Shana Tove LeKol Am Yisroel.


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