Video: Rabbi Orlofsky On Smoking

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rabbi-orlofsky[Video below.] The following is a brief presentation from renowned speaker and educator Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky on the ills of smoking. Rabbi Orlofsky mixes personal stories with a touch of humor to address a very serious matter in a presentation that is courtesy of RCCS, Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society.

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  1. I work in an office in a Neighborhood in Brooklyn in which there is smoking going on all day outside the door. The smoke filters in to the building and it becomes impossible to work due to stinging eyes etc.
    I can understand how difficult it is to quit…but why do they all START in the first place?!

  2. I found this Allen Carr’s video on smoking and quitting very helpful, I posted a kosher version and made a site for it:

    Please share.


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