Rabbi Pinto Asks American Businessmen to Invest Billions in Israel


rabbi-yoshiyahu-pintoRabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto held a closed meeting with 80 Jewish American businessmen in Bulgaria on Wednesday and asked them to invest $5 billion in the Israeli economy, including $2 billion in the coming year.

 The businessmen who met with Rabbi Pinto included entrepreneur Jay Schottenstein, whose name is know for his family’s dedication of the ArtScroll Shottenstein Shas.

“In such days of economic opportunities, we must remember that we, the sons of the Jewish people, must preserve the country, built it and ensure that its economic flourishes,” Rabbi Pinto told the businessmen.

rabbi-pinto“It’s unfortunate that there are so many wealthy Jews in the world who don’t even consider the Israeli economy as an option.”

One of the people the rabbi expected to see, but who failed to show up, was NBA star LeBron James, who met with Pinto about three weeks ago. The basketball players’ business manager, Maverick Carter, arrived instead.

The meeting was held in the Bulgarian city of Silistra, where the Pele Yo’etz, Rav Eliezer Papo zt”l, is buried. Rabbi Pinto visits the kever once a year in an event known as “the Uman of the Sefardim.”

The event was attended by more than 1,000 people from Israel, including dozens of senior businessmen.

{Ynet/Matzav.com-Yair Alpert}


  1. Dovid Hamelech in Tehilim says many times how Hashem is close to the poor & misfortunate persons. Some Tzadikim take this to mean that Hashem is not close to the wealthy & fortunate. They therefore take upon themselves to be Mekarev the wealthy people that are removed from Hashem!!! (B’Derech HaBaal Shem Tov)!

  2. Very big in the sephardic world. Related to HaGaon HaRav Chaim Pinto Shlita sephardi chief rabbi of Ashdod, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto has many followers, heads the Shuvu Israel organization which has many yeshivot (Manhatten, Brooklyn, Miami, Los Angeles and does alot of tzedakah work

  3. Jay,

    rabbi Pinto is world famous. His liniage is over 400 years of renoun Sefaradic Rabonnim. He is a talim of Rav Aurbach from Maalos HaTorah.

    His accomplishments through his Shuva Israel network and Yeshivos are amazing.


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