Rabbi Schneier: Obama Invited Me Because of Muslim Outreach


rabbi-schneierA New York City Orthodox rabbi says his popularity at the White House is probably due to his outreach efforts in the Muslim world. Rabbi Marc Schneier, is one of the very few Orthodox guests reported to be on the list for an upcoming White House reception celebrating Jewish Heritage Month. Even though the event itself was signed into law in 2006, this year marks the first time the White House has hosted a reception to celebrate Jewish Heritage Month.

Pundits are pondering whether the decision by President Barack Obama was part of the administration’s “charm offensive,” aimed at reducing Jewish anger over its hostile policies towards Israel. Slated to be held in the East Room, the fete promises to be a “Who’s Who” of American Jewish leaders in the arts, music, sports, the space program and other social arenas.

Other than Schneier, few — if any — are expected to be Orthodox Jews or rabbinical scholars. The rabbi, who heads two congregations in the Big Apple and spoke at the 2008 Democratic Convention, told the Associated Press that he believes he was invited for political reasons. Rabbi Schneier is president of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, an interfaith group he founded in 1989 with the late Joseph Papp. He also has a long track record in building ties with the black community, both in New York and nationwide.

“Our work is very much in concert with President Obama’s agenda,” said the rabbi, who has been a past guest at White House Chanukah parties. He added that this White House party will be different from the standard Beltway affair. “This is quite unique. It’s more exotic than the usual White House event,” he said.

{Arutz Shevah}

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  1. Part of Obamas outreach efforts to the Muslim world is not to have too many Jews invited to the white house… (he also has to keep galach wright happy as well)

  2. please clarify the websites standard of orthodox. i hear there’s a sign in the sanctuary which says beware not to trip over the MECHITZA in the Hamptons.

  3. My Nephew was Bar Mitzvahed by this Rabbi. They taught him everything except how to love being a Yid. He was taught to love everyone in the African, Muslim and Hindu Communities of NYC. This Rabbi teaches left wing propoganda as Torah. It is no surprise he is a darling of a far left Democrat President who hates everything Traditional Torah stands for.

  4. If Obama does not reach out to the orthodox community then it means he thinks they are all against him. That is not good for the Jews. We have to have some of our people close to the ruling authorities of any party.


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