Rabbi Yossi Jacobson asks you “Help a Brother” come home to his children.

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The “Help A Brother” campaign is now reaching its final hours at https://helpabrother.rallybound.org/. With only three hours more to go, it is essential that everyone join in this campaign to help one of our own, who has been impacted by the coronavirus.


Setting a goal of $200,000 for the Cohen family―Chabad Shluchim in Mariupol, Ukraine―the campaign seeks to alleviate the challenges the family must face during these most critical hours.


Now, Rabbi Yossi Jacobson beseeches every single one of us to join and “Help a Brother” come home to his children. “I turn to you my dearest friends, during these days of rachamim, to do whatever you can and beyond to help this extraordinary family, this extraordinary person.”


Only months ago, Rabbi Cohen survived an attempt on his life from an Ukrainian anti-semite who broke into the Chabad center with an axe, Rabbi Jacobson explains. A few weeks after surviving this incident of terror, Rabbi Cohen came up the stairs of his house and could not breathe.


With poor medical care in Ukraine, Rabbi Cohen’s condition continued to deteriorate over the following days. After no sign of improvement, his fellow shluchim contacted a medical team in Israel to assess the situation.


He was given only 48 hours to live.


The family made the decision to transport him to Israel to receive immediate care. The doctors have, thus far, saved his life.


Right now, his five children are waiting, hopong, davening for their father to live and to come back to them.


Together, we can answer their tefillos.


Every hour, every dollar, every person counts. Each of us has it within our power to reunite a father with his children. Now, more than ever, what we do here matters. To fully ensure that the Cohen family has the means to successfully recover, reconnect, and rebuild, all funds must be raised in the next three hours.


Give now, give generously, and give a brother his chance at https://helpabrother.rallybound.org/.


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