Rabbi YY Jacobson: Don’t Lie to Your Children’s About Kos Shel Eliyahu

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At the end of Rabbi YY Jacobson’s morning Chassidus class on Tuesday, 11 Nissan, 5779, April 17, 2019, one of the students asked if it is correct to tell your children that Eliyahu HaNavi comes and physically drinks the wine in Kos Shel Eliyahu.” Rabbi Jacobson’s response is presented in this video.



  1. So. I heard this whole lecture. I am very surprised that the rabbi didn’t mention a very obvious truthful reason for the 5th cup aka Eliyahu’s cup.
    The 4 cups we drink are signifies the 4 expressions of Geulah. However the 5th which represents the final Geulah which is based on and with Eliyahu who is Mevasser Hgeulah = who announces the coming of moshiach. So this 5th cup which represents the final redemption is called on the Mevasser as Kos Shel Eliyahu. Self understood why we don’t drink it. Being that we haven’t had yet the final redemption and all the traditions we do are as a reminder/memory of the past not the future. Chag Sameach


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