Rabbi’s Family Left Without Residence After Arabs Burn His Home To The Ground


By Schirete Zick

An urgent campaign is underway, to help Rabbi and Mrs. Cohen. – as well as their 5 precious children – rebuild their home, which was burned down by arabs. Currently, it would take 15,000 to complete the first phase of renovations (one main room for the whole family), so this family, including their 5 precious children  – who are spread out by different relatives – can be reunited in time for Pesach.

Expressing her hope that they will have a home again, Mussya – aged 10, drew a picture of their home and sent it to her father, who has been traveling trying to raise funds.

Rabbi Cohen wasn’t always religious. In fact, he led a life as a successful hair stylist and was famous for his coiffeur abilities. He was a stylist to the stars, and celebrities, like the Bee Gees and Julio Iglesias, entrusted their manes to him.

Then, at the height of his career, he left all that behind.


“I felt that my soul was longing for something else. It was empty with no pleasure,” he said. “I saw that the Rebbe’s shlichim, particularly Rabbi Lipskar, had something that I was drawn to. I was in Florida since 1984, and made up my mind to return to Judaism. I left everything and went to a yeshiva in New Jersey. After completing the yeshiva there, I moved to Israel for another year of yeshiva, met my wife and married. I began working with troubled youth.”

Their home, which they also use for Kiruv, for residents as well as tourists who come to Shmaya Viavtalyon, to pray by the kivrei tzadikim, was burned down by arabs, who, would come around to steal the olives and chop down trees for wood. They would come when the Rabbi and his family were not at home, and took whatever they could get a hold of. Eventually the Rabbi had to build a fence to protect his family and his home.

Last year, on a crisp winter day, the family was away, when a group of Arabs snuck in, unscrewed the gas cylinders and lit them up. The flames caught the home and turned it into a roaring fire. All belonging, books, and a lifetime of memories burned to the ground.

“I am personally aware of this very special young man who became a committed Chasid of the Rebbe and his emergency situation and pressing need. This family is suffering immensely, and it would be a tremendous Chesed to help A fellow brother and family to rebuild their home  and live as a family, in time for Pesach. It would be a priceless gift for the children who had to move in with relatives and who desperately miss their father who has been traveling, trying to raise funds”, writes Rabbi Sholom Lipskar, who is the spiritual leader of the Shul of Bal Harbor – where Rabbi C. first began his remarkable spiritual journey.

My wife and children are really suffering. It’s my ardent hope to be able to celebrate Pesach, with my wife and children, in our home. We are short 15,000 towards making our home, which is under construction, but halted due to lack of funds, livable.

Online donations can be made at EII.USKISRAEL.ORG (Memo: Meayin Yovo Ezri Center  / Shemaya and Avtalyon) or checks can be made to Ezrat Israel and sent to Rabbi Shmuel Lipskier, 806 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY  11213 (memo: Memo: Meayin Yovo Ezri Center  / Shemaya and Avtalyon) or checks can be made to Ezrat.

For more info, please email Rabbi Cohen d770@icloud.com.


I know this very dedicated Shliach for many years. He and his family have tremendous Mesiras Nefesh. It would be a tremendous kindness to help them reunite as a family and enable them to finish their very modest/small home to live in and continue their great work.



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